Saturday, July 25, 2009

Off to lebanon..

wow what a looong summer, i havent even had time to rest, its been work internship lebanon and back to internship and summer classes, well im going for nearly 2 weeks with some very close friends but unfortunalty everybody is in lebanon and the people are not very fond of khaleejis which is annoying because (very proud kuwaiti) i don't know about the rest of the gulf people bas kuwaitis are very nice and well mannered wherever they go.. i would prefer not to go but since its with good friends the place is close by and there isn't any time to itfalsaf bul travel plans, lebanon will have to do, or should i just go tour europe with mom.. him.. ;P anyways off to land of techno, trance and house music and i leave you one of my faviroute songs will start blogging regularly soon..

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