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Auk Reporters! i have to admit the second reporter was brilliant!!!

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Picture of the Week

Just because we have all wanted to do it..

New Project.

I plan to see how much "Healthier" i will get if i dont go to out dinner and lunch much this month. Which means I have 6 Lunch outings in all and if anything interesting happens then that will be an excuse i will keep you updated on that and no ordering in instead ill go for jog.

P.s Check out the "I Want To Be A Jaguar" Blog on cause the videos so cool. I want to be a jaguar.

My next few blogs will be something like this if your interested:

5 things you didn't know about Death

5 things you didn't know about Iron Man 2

5 things you didn't know about Rome

5 things you didn't know about The Brain

5 things you didn't know about The Human Hair

5 things you didn't know about Megan Fox *sigh*

just in case your into that stuff ;p

Rihanna Beaten Up and Academy Award Winners List LEAKED!

I am too tired to write abou tthe boring day in which i woke up at 4 in the after noon and had amazing dinner at La Piaza mmmm *Drool* with khalood at 9 so im putting up the latest pictures from Rihanna after being beaten up (however dosent look believable) and the list of Academy Award Winners :

Rihanna :

The leaked Academy award winners:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Crimes In Kuwait Recently

The Recent Crimes as per requested, just interesting to some and provided by Al Watan Newspaper

KD 6,000 fine for AlـJareedah newspaper

Staff WriterKUWAIT: The Criminal Court chaired by Judge Hani AlـHamdan has fined both the EditorـinـChief and a writer in AlـJareedah newspaper with KD 3,000 each. The two men apparently published news that insulted the Chief of Investigation at the Department of Immigration Investigation, Sheikh Malek AlـSabah. The EditorـinـChief and a writer in AlـJareedah newspaper apparently published false news saying that Sheikh AlـMalek was accused of blackmailing and referred to the Public Prosecution, which harmed the image of Sheikh Malelk.

Death sentence for Hawalli monster
Staff WriterKUWAIT: The Criminal Court chaired by Judge Salah AlـHouti sentenced the ''Hawalli Monster'' to death by hanging in one of the cases leveled against him. The case dealt with the abduction of a minor with the intention of sexually assaulting him. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a rabid dog that caused terror in the AlـQasr area was shot dead by police officers. Worried local residents called the police when the dog that was clearly infected with rabies began to terrorize the neighborhood. Police officers rushed to the area and after a long chase shot the dog dead.

75,000 pirated CDs confiscated
Staff WriterKUWAIT: 75,000 thousand pirated CDs were confiscated by the inspection team at the Ministry of Information. The team carried out its inspection in shopping malls in the Fahaheel area on Tuesday evening and inspected the CDs and found that they were all pirated copies of the latest blockbuster films. The team is also scheduled to comb other areas in an attempt to curb the unauthorized sale of pirated copies in the country. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a fistfight was reported in the Jahra area that resulted in the injury of three citizens. Jahra police and paramedics rushed to the scene and admitted the injured citizens to the Jahra Hospital.

Coـoperative society robbed
Staff WriterKUWAIT: The safe in one of the coـoperative societies in Sulaibiya was reportedly robbed by some unidentified people. Police received a call from the accountant who told the police that when he entered the office he noticed that the safe had been forced open and its entire contents stolen. He told the police that 130 Kuwaiti dinars and prepaid mobile phone cards worth KD 180 were stolen. Police have initiated investigations into the theft. Meanwhile, Police arrested two juveniles on charges of theft and arson. Police were earlier alerted by the activities of the juveniles who resort to stealing cars and after driving around in them, set them on fire. They were about to steal a car when the police arrived and arrested them.

25,000 dinars for disabling military officer
Staff WriterKUWAIT: The Civil Court has set April 8 to review a lawsuit against a Kuwaiti citizen who attacked a lieutenantـcolonel causing him 15 percent permanent disability according to medical reports. Lt.ـColonel Adel AlـHashshash told the court that the assailant verbally abused and punched him while being under the influence of alcohol. The Lawyer of the victim Yusuf AlـAdawni told the court that AlـHashshash has been afflicted with permanent disability as a result of the physical assault by the assailant. The lawyer also pointed out to the fact that he abused and attacked a highـranking military officer and the disability would incapacitate him from carrying out his military duty and exercises "which would certainly affect his career". The lawyer demanded that the attacker should pay the sum of 25,000 Kuwaiti dinars as compensation for the physical disability that he caused. He also explained that the compensation is not intended to gain any profit but to make up for the agony and distress that the incident has caused to the victim and his family as well as affected his career in the military.
Juvenile commits 55 burglaries.

Staff WriterKUWAIT: Jahra police officers have been investigating a series of burglaries targeting homes and cars that belong to the local residents. Police officers set up a check point to add the needed security measure and noticed a car used for learning how to drive that was reported stolen. Police officers stopped the car. The driver who was underage confessed to stealing the car and to 55 other burglaries. He was taken into police custody. Jahra police station also received reports of a burglary when two citizens were enjoying a wedding party. A burglar broke into their car and stole their wallets which included Civil IDs and money. Meanwhile, a police officer reported to the Naseem police station that his house had been broken into and that his pistol was taken. The man stated in the police report that he was out of the house when someone entered his house and stole some items including the pistol. A case was registered at the police station.

More Philipino Workers in Kuwait! Among Other Interesting Headlines

Apparently Kuwait Needs 12,000 New workers for hospitals and malls and what not as well as opening 5000 new jobs and requesting Philipinos to come take them... Um i know we havent been hit hard yet but GLOBAL ECONMIC CRISIS RING A BELL!!

Group of Students Boy Cott "Israeli" goods..

Someone started pay wayy too much attention to the emails they get about not getting Starbucks because its Israeli among other things...

Some Facts about this week in Kuwaiti History:-

Apparently We Owe The Government 6 Billion Kd
Whats annoying about this is that we are pressuring MPs to waiver our debts. How self Centered irresponsible van we become, if you dont have the ability dont take out a lona you can't pay. FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE I THINK SOME OF YOU ARE ADULTS. The market just dosent work that way and your nagging about the debts you have amounted due to your irresponsibility and lack of intelligence in managing you finances to Certain MPs who cause problems in the parliment to gain popularity is further slowing down our regressing nation's small attempt at progress. yeah i got lost in it.

- K5 -

Kuwaits Future on a Website

Baisicly im giving you a link to al Tamdeen Online Website because of the interesting projecs it has planned or is working on in Kuwait, So here you go, check out Mall of Kuwait 360 Mall and Silk City as well as many more.. extremly entertaining..

25 Random Things On Kuwait!

The Kuwat Times Published a 25 Random Things about Kuwait instead of itself. It talked about the fad thats "sweeping th online world"

So this is what The Kuwait times got about Kuwait.

25 Random Things About Kuwait:-

1. The Second Ring Road is also known as Shara3 Al-Hubb (Street of Love).

2. The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued currency in the world.

3. Every expat that comes to Kuwait may not speak Arabic but they will all learn the meaning of the word 'wasta.'

4. Kuwait used the Gulf or Indian rupee as its official currency until 1961.

5. At its peak, the Souq Al-Manakh's market capitalization was the third highest in the world, behind only the US and Japan. 'Al-Manakh' means camel in Arabic. The souq was located in a parking garage once used for camel trading.

6. Kuwait has the freest press in the Arab world, ranking 61 on the Reporters without Borders 2008 press freedom index, six places above Lebanon.

7. Kuwait has the world's fifth largest proven oil reserves and is the third richest country in the world per capita.

8. Only 29 of the 440 animals in the Kuwait Zoo survived the Iraqi invasion.

9. Compared with other places, Kuwait has no smell.

10. Women's hair salons are known as 'saloons' even though alcohol is illegal.

11. Alexander the Great named Failaka Island 'Icarus,' allegedly due to its heat and proximity to the sun.

12. Some aspect of Kuwait's visa laws change, on average, every two weeks.

13. The country's first church was built in Ahmadi in 1952.

14. Kuwait has the largest kite in the world, measuring 25.47 meters by 40 meters, flown by Abdul Rahman and Faris Al-Farsi.

15. The English School Fahaheel is Kuwait's oldest English school.

16. The word Kuwait is the diminutive of the Arabic word 'Al-Kut,' which means fortress near water.

17. Hawally has the worst traffic but the best curbside restaurants.

18. Kuwait has nine islands: Auhha, Bubiyan, Failaka, Kubbar, Miskan, Umm Al-Maraadim, Umm Al-Naml, Garuh and Warba.

19. Taxi drivers will charge a local or Asian expat KD 1 to KD 1.5 but Westerners will pay KD 2.5 or more.

20. Kuwait Times is the oldest English language newspaper in the Gulf and the first newspaper in Kuwait, established in 1961.

21. Kuwait used to import water on donkeys from the Shatt Al-Arab.

22. No one knows what happened to the pearls of Kuwait.

23. They say Kuwait has a million tons of dust dumped on it each year by sandstorms.

24. Some argue that the original Kuwaitis were religious pilgrims fleeing the radicalism sweeping the Arabian Peninsula in the mid-1700s.

25. Kuwait has been labeled an oil-rich, tiny, statelet and city state, but my favorite so far is scrappy.

Some Other interesting facts that he began with were in this Paragraph:

"Did you realize that 'Mahboula' means 'insane woman' in Arabic or that the country once exterminated all alley cats but was overrun by rats so it allowed the alley cats to roam freely once again? Did you know Kuwait's ring road system was designed by British engineers or that citizens will often establish public water fountains as memorials for dead loved ones?"

The Articles by Jamie Ethridge from The Kuwait times
20th Feb, 2009

Heres the Link to the Article:

Do i Wish i Could See? Official Announcement

For the past 2 weeks me and raz would be walking around me like a blind man and him my eyes lol i could be using a stick, any ways when any person of interest, thats the way im going to put it, would pass by i would turn to Raz and ask him, Do i Wish i could see, The answers i have gotten were NO NOOO and the rest were REGRET THAT U CANT SEE, YES YES YES YES YES so Raz i will inshalla be seeing everything as much as possible and im gong to go be one of those creepy old men who sit at that cinnamon place and check out people. lol Raz thx for being o extreme help its much appreciated

I Don't Need To Wish
- K5 -


Well i was in the elevator yesterday and i bumped into two grown aquaintences who were acting like women who had just smelled a skunk or had seen a rat or mouse so i lok around and they are coverng their noses and opinting and making all these "wai3, "Wai3" sounds and iff and i dont know what i had not realized yet because they were pointing at a worker, a human being, working at the American University whilest still on the poverty line, and he had to endure the humilation of being made fun of by two grown kuwaiti boys who had my respect and are all polite and everything with me and anybody else yet this is how act in public with even a teacher infront of them but whether or not a teacher was infront of them or any for the matter, its just extremly dissapointing and a disgusting act. Whats more its sad to know that there are more people like that around us, i hope that one day he will face the same situation but with the tables turned.

I wish I could see

Just a quick post on my way out, After, (wait i want to play something on itunes), ok back after TWO WEEKS of not beign able to see anything more than a meter or 30 cm in front of me, walking around like a blind man skipping every living thing in Uni and squinting at teachers who thuoght i was angry at them. I finally went through the LASIK operation, which was such a weird/scary experience which included having a bright bright bmwhighbeam shone into my eye which is painful for me since i think im photosensitive. i left not being able to see anything that clearly but when i got home i sat down had pasta with dean and deluca arrabiata sauce while watching Tom and jerry before passing out and waking up 5 hours later going down stairs taking some chocolate milk and coming back up for round two which was a few hours laters, i just woke up with about 85-90 % of my vision back enough to drive without being worried which is wierd. However the annoying thing is that im wearing a contact lenses for the next three days and i dont know when i can start playing football cause nothing is supposed to hit my eye for the next feww weeks im guesing, and now my mom has sat next to me which is a hint that i have to go and shower and leave to my aunts house, the good thing is i have the itrip finally.

id like to extend my gradtitude towards aisha for reminding me of how much i need to leave the country.. like soon.

I need to get out of here
- K5 -

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sa3eedi in hollywood! HILARIOUS!

Check out this link if you got time, A Sa3eedi is on the jimmy Kimmel Show, they laugh at him which is kinda sad, adding to the already sad reputation for arabs but


Check it out, Heres the link:

Future Projects

I have two projects in mind for the next few months.

My Personal get back into shape project/Diary:-

As most of my friends know i used to play Club Football, once upon a time. Once upon a time i was perfectly fit, but winter comes and i am drawn to hot food, and my own addiction "Home Made French fries" mmmmmmmmmm..... well because of my lack of exercise and excessicve food intake, i have gained 10 K's and gained a belly... also been onf the recieving end of verbal abuse from aziz and S. ;P who are trying to motivate me apparently (A) so i will be having a diary of my progerss back into shape for people who dont believe running and going to a gym works wonders( im hoping it does)

My second project will be a T-shirt Buisness:-

Me and khaled from will try and start a T-shit shop that prints funny/Catch Phrases and random stuff on T-shirts. I have been wanting to start it and Khaled already has experience so i will be looking forward to working with him and being a sucess <== how do you spell it?? i am looking to wearing the T-shirts too ;P i have in mind a T- Shirt saying " Yes I Am Wearing My Sunglasses To Pretend I Dont See U" or some thing along those lines " I wear sunglasses = Me very Hot" or " When I wear My Shades I Dont want to talk to you" something like that lol ;P

Wish Me Luck and i hope they spark your interest..

- K5 -

People, and indian food.

Theres something about two men eating indian food that drives them into intense deep serious conversation, the type that drives our lady fans wild. however suprisingly today the lady fans where nowhere to be seen in the marina food court, adding to the fact that i cant see anyways.. yes i am a blind kuwaiti. That is the hardest thing to be because people wave at you and you have no idea that they are waving, you skip people and you have no idea who your talking to untill your in that persons personal space which makes both parties, well them, uneasy. However inshallah tomorrow i will get these old eyes fixed, LASIK apparently thats the way to go, anyways yes i will be your test subject for people who are suspicious or worried about it. ill try to take pics too, i honestly cant wait to get my vision back and drive my own car. anyways back to indian food and two men, so me and Raz from, went to the food court at Marina Mall, and after taking a tour and deciding after using our amazing cutting edge? negotiation skills we decided it would be Mughal Mahal. so we go Raz orders straight away and it was my turn so i ask the guy( who already had chosen my order without even asking me!!! i HATE THAT) after changing my mind serveral times if i could have prawn biryani, hes like ok, then i continue and say ad buttter chicken and shrinp something, he looks and says no i was like but thats what i want, so after some more drawn out negotiations i decided to have normal biryani and butter chicken and shrimp smething, Right after i decided he puts on a angry face and says something to his co workers in indian and they all laugh, so i look at my friend and say somethign randomand turn and look at him and laugh back, -_- yes i am cool. Well to their credit food was nice and hot, and after food me and raz got deep into talking abuot stuff blogs life and we came to a conclusion...

People Are A Dissapointment.
- K5 -

Monday, February 16, 2009

Twitter? Tweets?

New Phenomenon?

No i am not saying treats whilest trying to sound cute, but Tweets its some new fad or whatever that happens to be appearing wherever i go in the internet. It is apparently some sort of instant messaging using something called twitter between Celebreties and us normal? people. It lets them update and msg us on what they ate are doing did are thinking or whatever..

The Wikipedia defintion for Twitter:

"Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users' updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.
Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends (delivery to everyone being the default). Users can receive updates via the Twitter website,
SMS, RSS, or through applications such as TwitterMobile, Tweetie, Twinkle, Twitterrific, Feedalizr, Facebook, and Twidget, a widget application. Four gateway numbers are currently available for SMS: short codes for the United States, Canada, and India, and a United Kingdom-based number for international use. Several third parties offer posting and receiving updates via email. Estimates of the number of daily users vary as the company does not release the number of active accounts. In November 2008, Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research estimated that Twitter had 4-5 million users.[2] A Bloomberg article in February 2009 stated the number to be 55 million daily users.[3]
Twitter messages may be tagged using hashtags, a word or phrase prefixed with a #, such as #beer"

The defintion i got from was "Stars are just like us — they Twitter, too! From Britney Spears to Arnold Schwarzenegger, celebs are using the micro-messaging tool to spread the word about everything from the food they eat to the parties they attend. A look at some of the top personalities you can follow on Twitter."

now check out some of the Top Celebrity Tweets..,28757,1878865,00.html

- K5 -

If your bored and you know it click on the link..

I am awake yet again till 5 in the morinig for no good reason, add to that the discomfort of not wearing my contacts for the last week and a half, 4 more days to go..

ANYWAYS.. i was "surfing the internet" and i came across two youtube videos and a few random articles that will kill time,

i did have some thing interesting to blog about, but i forgot.. neways im giong to go do an IQ test, my last score was either 126 or 136 i cant remember but that was back in 10th grade lets see the effect of AUK and kuwait..

These are the links to to videos of REALLY REALLY DUMB people:

first video is a cop who was high with his wife and then freaking out calling 911..

This one is of a student from a uni in the US on who wants to be a millionare.

The 5 deadly mistakes on a date..

The campus in some of the college movies you most likely have seen some time or another..

Top 10 forgettable Presidents (US),28804,1879648_1879646_1879695,00.html

Best tv shows,28804,1651341_1659188_1651397,00.html


Facebook is for oldies?,9171,1879169,00.html

Times Best Inventions,28757,1852747,00.html

10 Worst Letterman Interviews,28804,1879231_1879160,00.html

Top 10 Celeberity Meltdowns,28804,1876761_1876818,00.html

Best Photos of the year 2008,29307,1879294,00.html

Hope you find at least one link you enjoy..

Sideways by citzen cope.. check it out

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Jonas Brother... Gay?

One of The Jonas Brother, The Jonas Brothers being a band made up of 3 brothers who rose to fame for wearing a promise ring(to save their virgintiy) no matter how famous they become. well one of The Jonas Brothers wants to be a president. Later i find a very interesting postcard secret on which is an amazing website with interesting postcards sent by people from all over the world containing their own personal deepest secrets and they dont put a name or anything..

Nick Jonas: the guy who wants to be President: -

Then i saw this on : -

Coincedence i think NOT!!!

However black prez now and by that time homosexuality might not be an issue..

loool the sad thing is that they have started making t-shirts.

It was a good day..

Ever look into someones face and smile pretending to be esctatic to see them, when you actually are counting the seconds till you can just leave. The fake laughs are harder to force out, you can't keep smiling forever, and it gets really hard to let them feel your still interested in the bull coming out of their mouths. Those people are a waste of time. Time is precious. Stop wasting Time..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kuwaits Musem/Antique Store.

Nawader Al Kuwait Antique Store Enterance.

Every now and then you fall on something Unique, well tday on my way home i saw a shop filled with antiques/artifacts whatever you want to call them. It was like i was stepping into a different World there was everything from old records coins and stereos machines toys to old pepsi scratch and win prizes and much more.. The shop is owned by the person who also owns LAKATAT Studio in shaab Mohammed Al Banna (i need to double check). He first planned on making it another studio and calling it LAHATHAT before changing his mind. The shop is small and no Bigger than MOKAN cafe next to ASK, to those who know it However the amount of items he has and their vareity are breath taking. What makes it special is that He only sells records, as he hopes to preserve some part of Kuwait's dissapearing history. He's extremley friendly and hospitable and will take you way back as he talks about where and when the antiques were attained. He sells Records mostly arab records but he does even have the Beatles Bonny M etc.. so it could be a nice present for those of you who have people in their lives that were their at "that" time. This store is Unique in kuwait and its the only one that sells records in the Middle east apparently. If you want to check it out their Address is: Pearl Al Marzoug Building in Ras Al Salmiya St 1. Its Called Nawader Al Kuwait.

Their Website is :
Telphone #: 0096525757500

Update: The Website Apparently dosent work.


Valentines Day.

O shit ..

Btw my valentine are = Megan Fox, Emma Atkinson and Rohna Mitra. with Kim K. on the side X -D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Important Signs

I believe the signs above need to be placed around q8..

Religous and supersticious emails

i would extremly appreciate it if people would stop sending me emails about how im going to die if i dont forward this email to twenty people, what if i forward to a person who just has 19 people on his email list, wont he hate me, besides i was naive enough to believe them in MiddleSchool, however now its just annoying. Any you are all going to hell for sending them.

p.s i love my mom

The Blog Layout

Yes the colors are ugly and everything is unorganized but i will be saved shortly by (:

Top Series this year

Fringe: A sci - fi drama much like the X files but with a better tune, it goes around three main characters, A female FBI agent a Mad scientist let out of a Mental institution and his son. As well as a Big Scary E.T Look a like Boss.

Lie To Me: The main character studied body language for many years before transferring back to civilization and has made a buisness out of detecting lies this show is really cool especially the pilot as it shows you certain body movements that people do when they lie and they also show previous example from real life people such as Prez. Nixon and Clinton as well as other celebrities.

The Mentalist: Came before Lie to me but just as good with a little more drama/Saddness to it. A guy who solves crimes and mysteries by using mindtricks and tests to figure out the truth. An excellent hypnotist to and also know lots of pointless info

How Not to Live Your Life:
A english comedy that is on hiatus but is definitley worth the watch if your looking for laugh and have time to kill.

I'll post some later but my midnight dinner has just arrived.. i strongly suggest checking out the first three they are all amazing!!


i think i might have started too personal but thats part of me which means its part of the blog but in any case my life is interesting, thats a fact and a statement by K5 therfore you cant appeal or argue it. however i have a few questions..

why do kuwaitis run around malls with two mobiles? i have to have two due to work and its a PAIN in the ass. are they hoping people will be so awed by the fact they have enough space in their pants for 2-3 phones that they will ignore their Iq level?
why are we obssesed about relationships...

why do i have ppl on facebook with pictures of their tummies or otherparts of their body adding me?

Will Rhona Mitra finally realize im the one shes been looking for and come to kuawit.

Oh yeah, I am extremly enjoying

its a website where you can order food from serveral restaurants online and skip the waiting on the phone process, whats more is that they show you the menu and some plaecs accept Knet incase you dont got cash..

check it out.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday and my second post.

There was a exhibition at the mishref fair grounds about telephones and tech stuff, internet Viva Wataniya and Zain. Wataniya was best represented, and unfortunatly there were like only 4 Hot girls in the whole "Room" and my beautiful friend who had to work at Wataniya. As usual the all the guys swarmed over the stalls where the girls were at and especially SonyEricsson where there was a beautiful girl. She was unfortunatley married, raped kidnapped and everything else by the eyes of the men around her. Wonder how she feels about it. I do tend to think where people get these girls out of the blue. It takes guts to do what they do. I work at the Viva Call Center, which happens to be the worst job i have had and i use alot of energy keeping myself from calling the people who talk to me idots among other things. Well its 12 and i have an exam in the morning which i again haven't studied for. I really dont know why i put myself in these perdicments im also kinda wanting to eat something. Over the last few months.. well since summer i have been spending alot of time in bed watching stuff reading stuff and what not and baisicaly my body has turned to mush, my braind is dying away and im trying to wake my self up before i am taken over by the Kuwaiti life style of eat spend money go out spend money sleep. I am joining a gym tomorrow. Wait no next week. Tomorrow i will go and giz myself at the exhibition with my cousin. Also i need to see Dode'. Dode' is pretty much the coolest person you will meet. Ever. Probably the most beautiful. Now you wonder guy or girl. well neither, she/he's and alien.
i started smoking again after wuitting for a few months the packet the dizznes everynow is too tempting but i wil run and it will hurt and then i will stop.. again. Laptop is still getting fixed because itunes is not working so i might pick it up tomorrow. i guess i should go get some water watch an episode of dexter and start studying. last day for two weeks. only for 10 days to be exact!! :'(


Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Beginning

Well finally after months of putting it off i have finally created my blog. It was originally supposed to be K5 but unfortunately someone beat me to it. This is a blog about me. Yes me and Kuwait. My experiences the food the places i go to the things i see and do and my reactions to everything. I also would like to inform anyone reading it that please continue even though you might find me a bit off such as creating a blog instead of studying for an exam tomorrow or writing an essay due today. I really wonder why i always put things off.. and we begin...