Thursday, February 12, 2009


i think i might have started too personal but thats part of me which means its part of the blog but in any case my life is interesting, thats a fact and a statement by K5 therfore you cant appeal or argue it. however i have a few questions..

why do kuwaitis run around malls with two mobiles? i have to have two due to work and its a PAIN in the ass. are they hoping people will be so awed by the fact they have enough space in their pants for 2-3 phones that they will ignore their Iq level?
why are we obssesed about relationships...

why do i have ppl on facebook with pictures of their tummies or otherparts of their body adding me?

Will Rhona Mitra finally realize im the one shes been looking for and come to kuawit.

Oh yeah, I am extremly enjoying

its a website where you can order food from serveral restaurants online and skip the waiting on the phone process, whats more is that they show you the menu and some plaecs accept Knet incase you dont got cash..

check it out.

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