Friday, February 20, 2009

Crimes In Kuwait Recently

The Recent Crimes as per requested, just interesting to some and provided by Al Watan Newspaper

KD 6,000 fine for AlـJareedah newspaper

Staff WriterKUWAIT: The Criminal Court chaired by Judge Hani AlـHamdan has fined both the EditorـinـChief and a writer in AlـJareedah newspaper with KD 3,000 each. The two men apparently published news that insulted the Chief of Investigation at the Department of Immigration Investigation, Sheikh Malek AlـSabah. The EditorـinـChief and a writer in AlـJareedah newspaper apparently published false news saying that Sheikh AlـMalek was accused of blackmailing and referred to the Public Prosecution, which harmed the image of Sheikh Malelk.

Death sentence for Hawalli monster
Staff WriterKUWAIT: The Criminal Court chaired by Judge Salah AlـHouti sentenced the ''Hawalli Monster'' to death by hanging in one of the cases leveled against him. The case dealt with the abduction of a minor with the intention of sexually assaulting him. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a rabid dog that caused terror in the AlـQasr area was shot dead by police officers. Worried local residents called the police when the dog that was clearly infected with rabies began to terrorize the neighborhood. Police officers rushed to the area and after a long chase shot the dog dead.

75,000 pirated CDs confiscated
Staff WriterKUWAIT: 75,000 thousand pirated CDs were confiscated by the inspection team at the Ministry of Information. The team carried out its inspection in shopping malls in the Fahaheel area on Tuesday evening and inspected the CDs and found that they were all pirated copies of the latest blockbuster films. The team is also scheduled to comb other areas in an attempt to curb the unauthorized sale of pirated copies in the country. Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a fistfight was reported in the Jahra area that resulted in the injury of three citizens. Jahra police and paramedics rushed to the scene and admitted the injured citizens to the Jahra Hospital.

Coـoperative society robbed
Staff WriterKUWAIT: The safe in one of the coـoperative societies in Sulaibiya was reportedly robbed by some unidentified people. Police received a call from the accountant who told the police that when he entered the office he noticed that the safe had been forced open and its entire contents stolen. He told the police that 130 Kuwaiti dinars and prepaid mobile phone cards worth KD 180 were stolen. Police have initiated investigations into the theft. Meanwhile, Police arrested two juveniles on charges of theft and arson. Police were earlier alerted by the activities of the juveniles who resort to stealing cars and after driving around in them, set them on fire. They were about to steal a car when the police arrived and arrested them.

25,000 dinars for disabling military officer
Staff WriterKUWAIT: The Civil Court has set April 8 to review a lawsuit against a Kuwaiti citizen who attacked a lieutenantـcolonel causing him 15 percent permanent disability according to medical reports. Lt.ـColonel Adel AlـHashshash told the court that the assailant verbally abused and punched him while being under the influence of alcohol. The Lawyer of the victim Yusuf AlـAdawni told the court that AlـHashshash has been afflicted with permanent disability as a result of the physical assault by the assailant. The lawyer also pointed out to the fact that he abused and attacked a highـranking military officer and the disability would incapacitate him from carrying out his military duty and exercises "which would certainly affect his career". The lawyer demanded that the attacker should pay the sum of 25,000 Kuwaiti dinars as compensation for the physical disability that he caused. He also explained that the compensation is not intended to gain any profit but to make up for the agony and distress that the incident has caused to the victim and his family as well as affected his career in the military.
Juvenile commits 55 burglaries.

Staff WriterKUWAIT: Jahra police officers have been investigating a series of burglaries targeting homes and cars that belong to the local residents. Police officers set up a check point to add the needed security measure and noticed a car used for learning how to drive that was reported stolen. Police officers stopped the car. The driver who was underage confessed to stealing the car and to 55 other burglaries. He was taken into police custody. Jahra police station also received reports of a burglary when two citizens were enjoying a wedding party. A burglar broke into their car and stole their wallets which included Civil IDs and money. Meanwhile, a police officer reported to the Naseem police station that his house had been broken into and that his pistol was taken. The man stated in the police report that he was out of the house when someone entered his house and stole some items including the pistol. A case was registered at the police station.


  1. hahahaha

    aham shay - 75,000 thousand

  2. Its interesting to finally get to catch up to this stuff. Though lol I have some questions:

    1. For the cop that had his pistol stolen, I thought there were very strict guidelines for gun usage? Don't the cops have to turn in their weapons at the end of the shift?

    2. And the kid they caught? confessed to 55 crimes bes chithi as soon as they say him? Lol shino he has them memorized? Must be very persuasive cops :P hahaha he must have remembered quickly :P

  3. No i dont think the cops turn in their guns, actually im pretty sure they dont ;p and the kid i remember there was something special about it he just confessed thought that he wouldn't get into as much trouble if he gave most of his shit back and pretended to be ill you know how naive it comes when there is some black magic involved or jini dash fi ;p

    75, 000 some one at home has a looooot of DVDs ;p


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