Wednesday, February 18, 2009

People, and indian food.

Theres something about two men eating indian food that drives them into intense deep serious conversation, the type that drives our lady fans wild. however suprisingly today the lady fans where nowhere to be seen in the marina food court, adding to the fact that i cant see anyways.. yes i am a blind kuwaiti. That is the hardest thing to be because people wave at you and you have no idea that they are waving, you skip people and you have no idea who your talking to untill your in that persons personal space which makes both parties, well them, uneasy. However inshallah tomorrow i will get these old eyes fixed, LASIK apparently thats the way to go, anyways yes i will be your test subject for people who are suspicious or worried about it. ill try to take pics too, i honestly cant wait to get my vision back and drive my own car. anyways back to indian food and two men, so me and Raz from, went to the food court at Marina Mall, and after taking a tour and deciding after using our amazing cutting edge? negotiation skills we decided it would be Mughal Mahal. so we go Raz orders straight away and it was my turn so i ask the guy( who already had chosen my order without even asking me!!! i HATE THAT) after changing my mind serveral times if i could have prawn biryani, hes like ok, then i continue and say ad buttter chicken and shrinp something, he looks and says no i was like but thats what i want, so after some more drawn out negotiations i decided to have normal biryani and butter chicken and shrimp smething, Right after i decided he puts on a angry face and says something to his co workers in indian and they all laugh, so i look at my friend and say somethign randomand turn and look at him and laugh back, -_- yes i am cool. Well to their credit food was nice and hot, and after food me and raz got deep into talking abuot stuff blogs life and we came to a conclusion...

People Are A Dissapointment.
- K5 -


  1. OMG .. dude you cracked me up .. I was laughing from the first word until the end of the post .. you gave a very, very good image about what happened to us !!
    I really liked your post it's amazing ..
    (who already had chosen my order without even asking me!!! i HATE THAT) <<< I can't forget the look on your face that moment !!!
    anyways .. amazing post dude .. keep it up ;)


  2. Butter chicken is pretty good though...


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