Friday, February 20, 2009

I wish I could see

Just a quick post on my way out, After, (wait i want to play something on itunes), ok back after TWO WEEKS of not beign able to see anything more than a meter or 30 cm in front of me, walking around like a blind man skipping every living thing in Uni and squinting at teachers who thuoght i was angry at them. I finally went through the LASIK operation, which was such a weird/scary experience which included having a bright bright bmwhighbeam shone into my eye which is painful for me since i think im photosensitive. i left not being able to see anything that clearly but when i got home i sat down had pasta with dean and deluca arrabiata sauce while watching Tom and jerry before passing out and waking up 5 hours later going down stairs taking some chocolate milk and coming back up for round two which was a few hours laters, i just woke up with about 85-90 % of my vision back enough to drive without being worried which is wierd. However the annoying thing is that im wearing a contact lenses for the next three days and i dont know when i can start playing football cause nothing is supposed to hit my eye for the next feww weeks im guesing, and now my mom has sat next to me which is a hint that i have to go and shower and leave to my aunts house, the good thing is i have the itrip finally.

id like to extend my gradtitude towards aisha for reminding me of how much i need to leave the country.. like soon.

I need to get out of here
- K5 -


  1. El7amdillah 3ala el salama dude ;)
    I hope everything gets back to normal soon :)
    I demand a blog about the "Do I Wish I Can See?" Question
    if you know what i mean ;)


  2. hahahaha I'm glad you can see 7amdillah 3al salama and where are you planning on excaping to?

  3. Allah yisalmikom, i can SEE :D lol weirdo iknow,

    well, aya nappa and london asap lol

    Raz, afa 3laik asap ;D


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