Friday, February 20, 2009

More Philipino Workers in Kuwait! Among Other Interesting Headlines

Apparently Kuwait Needs 12,000 New workers for hospitals and malls and what not as well as opening 5000 new jobs and requesting Philipinos to come take them... Um i know we havent been hit hard yet but GLOBAL ECONMIC CRISIS RING A BELL!!

Group of Students Boy Cott "Israeli" goods..

Someone started pay wayy too much attention to the emails they get about not getting Starbucks because its Israeli among other things...

Some Facts about this week in Kuwaiti History:-

Apparently We Owe The Government 6 Billion Kd
Whats annoying about this is that we are pressuring MPs to waiver our debts. How self Centered irresponsible van we become, if you dont have the ability dont take out a lona you can't pay. FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE I THINK SOME OF YOU ARE ADULTS. The market just dosent work that way and your nagging about the debts you have amounted due to your irresponsibility and lack of intelligence in managing you finances to Certain MPs who cause problems in the parliment to gain popularity is further slowing down our regressing nation's small attempt at progress. yeah i got lost in it.

- K5 -

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