Friday, April 24, 2009

Saudi Man Get's Punk'd


Amazing Goal!

Just thought this goal was worth seeing even if you don't watch football.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soug Al Hamam

"Before i start i would like to say that the photos i took were from a cell phone, and it was a very hard thing to do in this place, there are certain pictures that sensitive eyes should not look at so before you click this link, keep that in mind."

To view the pictures of My trip to Soug Al Hamam on Flickr Click [Here]

I went to Soug al Hamam on friday and i tried to take as many pics as i could before people would get uncomfortable. Some of the pics are not full because i tried to avoid faces and making it obvious becuse the sellers were worried i was an inspector. To those of you who have not been to Soug Al Hamam, It is a flea market for animals, and is called "The Market of Birds" because there are loads of birds for sale among other Miscellaneous items such as :





I even found people selling air rifles, Playstation 3s fur and what not. This place is sort of the black market in some ways because some of the stuff they sell is illegal such as he fireworks, however, they aren't any consequences for the buyer, according to My experince so far.

Hoever there are many other animals there too especially rabbits and dogs. The sad thing is the dogs are tied up and seem like they are just lost and depressed some seem to have been beaten soo much that they attempt to attack any person walking by but for the rope around its neck that chokes him and leaves you feeling sorry for him.

There were also dead birds on the ground and it seems a little too early to allow that kind of stuff as it hasn't been two years since the bird flu epidemic flew through Asia. The Conditions animals are in is nothing short of torture and I wonder when Kuwait will decided to organise the Soug and put some strict laws on how much space a cage should provided for animals inside, how the dogs should be handled and who is allowed to buy them. What was terrible was that a man came up to my in law and laughing about how his dog had bought a new dog "but he will only keep it two days then through it out on the street." I know there are several Animal rights croup or centers around kuwait, indicating that there are people who care, Inshallah kuwait will take the start implementing some organization in markes such as these and strict laws to help prevent the mistreatment of animals here.

The Pictures were taken by phone and people started becoming very weird so ill take more next time, but for now check out the ones i got [Here]

This place is next to the Friday Market which is The Flea Market to be at, where you find all the IT people at. Well thats not true, but it has lots of furniture and cloths, clothes, foot wear, Camping gear, electronics and much more. IF YOU ARE A FOREIGNER DO NOT GO WITHOUT AN ARABIC LOOKING AND SPEAKING MAN. OTHERWISE FACE PAYING 3X AS MUCH AS THE ORGINAL PRICE.

If you guys are interested in more pictures give me a heads up and i will take longer videos and more pictures Next time.

Richard Murray In Kuwait Again

Apparently there is still hope for the freedom to throw your own "Personal Private Concert/Party" In Kuwait. Richard Murray a reknown british Disc Jockey, DJ'd a private party recently in kuwait, and what was nice was that no authority came knocking on the door. Maybe they finally found something better to do with their time?
To check out a post about another Richard Murray "Gathering" on 248am Click [Here].

MBC Action Getting NEW SERIES!

I turned my TV on for the first time in a while and the first thing i saw was an advertisement on MBC 4 with a little MBC Action Symbol on the top right corner showing Advertisments of new shows they were getting. "Action April" was the theme apparently and i was suprised to see that they had Fringe, a popular show that started around September 2008 meaning that its still 3/4 though its 1ST!!! season. Now thats a first, add to that that they are also showing the Worldwide Hit Superhero Sereies "Heroes". I did see many others including "six feet under" including another Hit series called "The Mentalist" which is also 3/4 through its first season!! So are we on the verge of getting series on time and not 5-10 years later?

Fringe has already started airing on MBC Action.

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Choronicles is coming soon too(just saw the advert)

Heroes is aired every Sunday at 8.

I am very excited about this even though i don't watch much tv because all the shows i watch are downloaded... Legally ;)

For a Quick Review of The Mentalist and Fringe click [Here]

The Most Over Priced Drink in Kuwait

I went to sultan center the other day, and i was looking for some liquid Chicken Stock and vegetable stock to cook dinner the next day, and saw lots of these chocolate drinks Mars, Bounty, Galaxy and Nesquik among others. I tried the Nesquik drink, and saying that it was not anywhere near expectations is an understatement. It tasted like sugar water, did not have the strong chocolate feeling found in the much better KDD Chocolate milk. So i left feeling robbed. Whats more is that some of them are

2 KD(5.29 Euros) whiles over seas, Europe specificly, they are being sold for 662 fils(1.75Euros)! whats the deal?

Definitley Not Worth your money, go get a Baskin Robins Milk shake for a cheaper drink with more taste, fresh and in a larger quantity.

Safety Much?

I have been going to several construction sites around Kuwait and i kept seeing two things, behind schedule Projects and the lack of safety ware being worn. Also most sites have about 10 people working on them, which pretty much explains why evreythng takes ages to build, question is if the money isn't going into the buildings for workers and what not.. where does it go?

I hope Kuwait starts implenting sterner safety measuers for the construction workers, and not allow the "ChmaaQ" replace the safety helmet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internet Down

Having Problems with internet, getting it fixed will post tonight or tomorrow

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Fav George Bush Game

I was sent this link to a game where you get to mess around with a falling G.W. Bush and i LOVE it. Its soo entertaining! I always seem to get a chuckle even though i didn't have anything against the man, you can't get angry at an idiot.


Click Here to play the game :)

2008 in Pictures

I was sent an email containing three links to three different groups of photo's. Each group has a contains some breathtaking pictures and are trying to show you 2008 in pictures, and whats also nice is that they mention the story behind the pic below. I strongly recommend Checking these out..

Click Here for Part 1

Click Here for Part 2

Click Here for Part 3

Friday, April 17, 2009

Review: Al Forno

Picture above is from Bazaar

I have been looking for the Best Penne Arrabiatta in Kuwait. I went to the Alforno restaurant yeterday after having a quick need of pasta. I can say that their service was great however the server was a little to helpful sugesstin and asking and what not without being asked, but i guess he was under orders to be like that. I quickly ordered Penne Arrabiatta, and some Calamari Fritti. While Khalood from Overwhelminginsanity ordered Carpaccio which was raw meat and cheese and appraently tasty.

After the waiter took our order, me and my friend waited for a very little time before our appetizers came, The calamari was deep fried to say the least, the oil was practicly dripping on the plate and the sorry excuse they had for tartar sauce was just sad. Too much mayonaise, i wish they had another sauce.. Khalood enjoyed his appetizer and as he was not getting a main course, they brought my Penne Arrabiatta.

The sauce was nice not bad at all, however the whole dish was spoilt by the pasta which was a dry as one of those kitco Frites.. It was hard to eat and according to the manager, who asked later about our food, i had the option to cook them more to be softer but that they were cooking it the proper way.. ONLY italians can cook pasta and say its the proper way and second the pasta quality was poor you can cook it which ever way you want it will still be Below par..

However their prices were relativly ok maybe just alittle over priced and the nicething is at the end they give you a shot of lemonade to help metabolise the food.

The pic is from Macaholiq8

As i tasted the Penne Arrabiatta only i would recommend this place as a one time only thing, every thing is worth a try but there pasta was a 2.5/5. However i plan on going and checking out their tomato sauce rissotto and as i love tomato sauce anything i will have a better understanding of their quality and ability as a restaurant, However Again I Will State That Their Service Was Excellent.

Forno is located in The Avenues-PhaseI on the ground floor. Call 2224 2424 for more information. Opening Hours 12:00am-11:00pm

You can read another review of Al Forno from Macaholiq8

Broken Dreams

Someone feels guilty, loool.

she set off the fire alarm and woke up everyone, she hoped the water would freeze and turn into ice.. A point for creativty.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shooting at the Avenues?

I was reading the Z district and apparently there was a possiblity of a shooting occuring yesterday at the avenues around 10.30pm. Apparently there where multiple police cars and IKEA is closed down today. I will be going today and try and take some pictures and find out about what happened. The current suspect is supposdly a Bearded man with a AK-47.. lets hope this has some affect on people's votes. Sorry for generalizing.


UPDATE: Turned out to be UNTRUE aka False according to the security people and receptionists.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hacker Warning

I read this warning on 4thringroad,

"Dear 4th Ring Road readers,

Please do not accept any requests or contacts from
If you accept anything then he will hack into your PC
If one of your contacts accepts anything from this email, then he will also manage to hack into your PC!
This thing has been going since yesterday, please be careful.

Kind regards,
4th Ring Road Team
Special thanks go to Bo Ali"

So the same goes for you ladies and Gentalmen of the Modern Diwaniya Spread The Word!

4th floor is on fire!..Again!

A fire broke out in the elevators of my builing. This is very fustrating because this is the second time in less than a full year that this happens, however this time it was a much larger fire and i was not at home. it started off when I got a frantic call from sonya our housework Assitant saying the house is on fire immediatly after i get one from The Queen telling me to find out whats going on. My car was in the garage, my Aunts driver was taking my little cousin to his birthday party and my cousins were all asleep. So i quickly called up Khalood from Overwhelminginsanity and tell him about the mess and he drives into the middle of nowhere to get me. We leave in his new car(mabrook) and drive to my place and quickly go upstairs. On the way their was a terrible accident on Gulf Road near BK, and i couldn't really see what happened fa ma itshoofoon shar. Anyways i get home stamdede towards the manager and politley showed him how unconvienent this fire is and if it weren't for their irresponsibility and lack of attention to the many letters we send, we wouldn't have this mess.

This has happened twice now and next to the homes of many people with the dangerous fumes it emits it could harm lots. The Building is a gold mine as one of the tenants said. Yet they choose to not pay attention to its faults. They take advantage of a good thing and if left too long it will collapse. (this somehow reminds me of the complaints i hear about the country.) The Tenants are going to hopefully sign a petition and find a way to make sure we hear them, even if it means putting a loudspeaker next to their ears. I feel this is Extremley disrespective to us as paying customers. We have Children in this building people with asthma and the semll is still strong in the hall way. Are they prepared to handle lawsuits? This is not the behavior expected of a building that is famous around kuwait for its Grandeur and History as well as being the best of the best..

After taking a bunch of photos and a video camera as well as getting the info from neighbors and friends, i had to discover that THE FIRE EXTINGUSHERS DIDN'T WORK! and the ones that did Were Not Very Effective! Disraceful. Aswell apparently the firemen who i hoped would instill some calmness were "Chilling" and dissapointing. The whole floor ceiling is black and the elevators are all down, one was left open only blocked by a ash tray and a fire extingushier. What a Safety hazard. I wonder what they would do if a larger crisis erupted.

I would finally like to say thank you to the neighbors and the beautiful Photographer Rayoom will remain annonymous, aswell asthe security guards and receptionists who did not have any training in this field yet tried their hardest. Aswell as my our family across the hall for taking care of Sonya :)

Strategic Postioning..

Seems like hanging out by the pool was more interesting..

This is a video from the aftermath that might give you a better view on how things looked..

Overwhelminginsanity also wrote about it and has more pictures :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Axis of Evil at AUK.. again!

A less publisicized but equally anticipated return of The Stand Up Comedy Act "Axis of Evil" returns to Auk with tickets sold at 15 and 30 KD. If you have not ever been to a stand up comedy show then you should go by all means because it is definitly a must.

Future Parking Styles

A new and destined to be popular style of parking has been invented for the public. They have finally found a amazingly cool way to park your special cars and to make your normal cars look x100 cooler.

Underground James Bond, Batman Style parking.

Here is another Video that explains further:

The price for a single is $61,181 and for a Double which is a parking above and below it will be $72,816. They both average to around KD 17,900 and KD 21,300 Respectivley. Don't forget everything will be overpriced here so don't be suprised if its a lot more. If anyone gets one please invite me over ok?

They have just started spreading them over london with only 4 created 6 under construction and 10 more ordered.

Click Here to visit their Website.

They have a distrubutor in Kuwait for more info you can visit 4thringroad

I found some of this on 4thringroad which one of Kuwaits top blogs, and i highly recommend visiting if you haven't already.

My Part Against Obesity

Know your digestion dos and don’ts.

Hopefully, by now it has become clear to you that however healthy your diet is, if your digestion is poor you won’t be getting the nutrients you need to boost your metabolism and shift excess weight.

If you’re drinking a glass of lemon juice water every morning and following the principles of the Lemon Juice Diet, your digestion will have already improved, but to give it that final push incorporate the following tips into your diet and lifestyle:

Chew it over: If you don’t chew your food properly you give more work to the rest of the system, which puts it under stress.

How you eat: Put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls and take your time. How you eat is as important as what you eat for a healthy digestion.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Your stomach and intestines are very sensitive to stress, and when you feel anxious your digestion shuts down to help your body focus on preparing the flight-and-fight response.

Never eat when you’re angry: It is also important to eat in a relaxed and calm state. A happy and calm vibe improves digestion. Don’t eat when you are tired: Never eat when very tired or mentally or physically fatigued.

Never eat within three hours of bedtime. Your body needs to be resting not digesting.Turn off the TV: You won’t be concentrating on your food and you are likely to eat way too much. Overeating will make your heart pump harder and your stomach will be overworked in attempting to digest the excess food.

Give it 20 minutes: If you have finished your meal and still feel hungry, wait 20 minutes before eating more. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to catch up with your stomach and recognize that you are full.

Be active: Regular aerobic activity -- at least 30 minutes of any activity that makes you feel slightly breathless and sweaty, five or six days a week -- helps stimulate the muscles of the digestive system, enabling you to digest food better and expel waste more efficiently.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bomb Equipment in Jahra

From Al Qabas

Cannot Find it in English.

كتب وضاح الشمري:

استنفرت الاجهزة الامنية في محافظة الجهراء فجر امس اثر ورود بلاغ الى غرفة عمليات وزارة الداخلية يفيد بوجود اجسام غريبة يعتقد انها قنابل مصفوفة داخل صناديق من الفلين ومغطاة بجذع شجرة في مواقف جمعية المعلمين.وقال مصدر امني لـ«القبس» انه وفور تلقي البلاغ توجه رجال امن محافظة الجهراء بقيادة مدير الامن العميد عايض العتيبي ومساعده العميد غلوم حبيب ومدير ادارة العمليات بالمحافظة العقيد سلطان الظفيري ومدير المباحث العقيد عادل الفيلكاوي ومساعده المقدم قيس عبدالرضا.واضاف المصدر ان رجال الامن فرضوا طوقا امنيا حول الموقع ومنعوا الاقتراب منه، واستدعوا وحدة التعامل مع المتفجرات التابعة للادارة العامة للقوات الخاصة للكشف عن الاجسام الموجودة.واشار المصدر الى ان رجال المباحث اجروا تحريات سريعة عن البلاغ، حيث تبين ان مواطنا يسكن على مقربة من الموقع هو الذي ابلغ عن الاجسام المشبوهة، خصوصا بعدما شاهد على مقربة منها ملصقا باللغة الانجليزية يفيد بان هذه المواد اجزاء من صاروخ.ولفت المصدر الى ان خبراء ادارة المتفجرات وصلوا الى الموقع وتعاملوا مع الاجسام الغريبة التي تبين انها 12 جسما عن طريق الروبوت الآلي الذي فجرها واحدا تلو الآخر، مشيرا الى ان خبراء المتفجرات وبعد تفجير الاجسام تبين لهم انها صواعق بارود مضغوطة وقوية الانفجار، وتستخدم في تصنيع الالعاب النارية الشديدة الانفجار، وهي من النوع الخطر ولها اجراءات احترازية في حفظها ونقلها.واوضح المصدر ان رجال الامن استدعوا رجال الادلة الجنائية لرفع عينات مع الصواعق والصناديق التي كانت بها لرفع البصمات عنها في محاولة لمعرفة الشخص الذي وضعها في هذا المكان، لافتا الى ان التقديرات الاولية لرجال الامن هي ان احد الاشخاص كان يحتفظ بهذه الصواعق واراد التخلص منها عن طريق القائها في هذا المكان

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Muncipality Close Down AUK Starbucks!

The American University of Kuwait was visited by the Muncipality today as they came and put red tape all over Starbucks closing it down as well as AUK owned "The Diner" and La Maison. This came as a shock to many who mainly come to university wearing their best inorder to pose"study" at Starbucks and check out and comment on all ingoing outgoing students"have intelectual disucssions" .

Thank you Noura for the Link :D

The word from Auk was:

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Please be advised that the food service providers on the AUK campus have been temporarily closed due to a site license violation.

This violation does not affect the continued operation of the University. All classes and events will continue as scheduled.

Margaret Combs
Director, Intensive English Program
American University of Kuwait

Later on that day the Dean confirmed that the food places would all be reopened.

I just received word that our FOOD PLACES will be opened! YEA!!! Apologizes for the inconvenience.

Dr. Carol A. Ross
Dean of Student Affairs

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ACK student Found Dead.

A student from The Australian College of Kuwait was found dead today in the parking lot. According to the students at ACK this was a drug related inccident but the POLICE have NOT CONFIRMED andything yet and the investigation is ongoing. The President released a statement which you can read at 248am. There is another version of the story at Kuwait Black Market which says that the student was in the gym and passed away on the Tennis Courts. Its always sad when someone in the early stages of his life passes away so i wish his Family friends and the ACK community my deepest Condolences.

Via 248am

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back Problems Much?

I finally came across the cause of my back aches and foot aches..

I have always been told that i have flat feet and that they were going to get my back or feet in all sorts of trouble. From having my toes anayzlyzed and feet anayalyzed by an old highschool friend "J" who wants to be a foot massuese :P or aka physiotherapist, to wearing all these different types of shoes recomended by sports stores. Well after searching for a cure or a soloution to my i was recommended by a Trainer from sas who also is the coach for ASK's football team to go to either AL Mowasat or AL Hadi Hospital and get a specialized Insole. They each have a specialized foot Clinic to treat all types of issues from flat feet to walking incorrectly. (Yes there is a incorrect way to walk) So i went to Al Hadi Clinic, under the recommedation of my aunt and uncle who are extremly pleased with the Results.

The Dr. I me was Dr. Ivana how works with a french company in cooperation with Al Hadi.

The difference between her and the doctors i have been dealing with for most of my life was EXTREMLEY evident. She was energetic, Polite, not afraid to get down and dirty (as in actually make contact with my foot which for the record was not dirty.) and she had the most amazing bedside manners. Not the useless badly paid lazy inaccurate impolite, uneducated sad excuse for a man pretending to be a doctor at the government Hospitals. I always walk in on them flirting with their staff rather than paying attention. Its Insulting and i feel bad for me and the rest who look to the Government Hospitals hoping for an improvement in quality. I leave that blasting for later.

Dr. Ivana explained that we all walk differently and that some of us are affecting our walking habits are affecting our backs. She showed me with her life size skelton how my foot and knee were not operating effeciently and correctly and i felt ,according to the way she made my knee seem, like i had an alien knee (flashbacks fromt eachers telling me i had abnormally sized knees came to me). Then she asked how i could tolerate walking for long periods of time with lower back pains. I asked her for an example she told me when i shop or go to the mall if my back hurts after a while, and she was correct One hundred percent! I can't really shop because my back starts to hurt the lower left side most of the time. Aswell i have always gotten close to tears for some reason if anything hard taps a certain area of my knee and it used to happen alot.

After checking out my feet she took my height and weight. Then asked me to walk on a blue mat which was connected to a screen to show the pressure points of my foot as in where i put most pressure.

While looking at the screen which i didn't take a photo, she explained how i put most my weight on my heels, she then took an ink imprint of my foot and told me how the sole i would wear would be designed to relive pressure off my heel. She also told me i was not flat footed but half something which was not bad at all.

This was all wonderful and i do feel a change however the down side is that i cant wear slippers for a long time, and i have to buy certain types of shoes. Also the Insoles which arrived 10days later have ot be changed every 4/5 months.

The total cost was 50/40 KD and i wear my soles to everything football exercise walking around and the back pains have relived. The earlier you go the better as it can cause problems later on in life.

If somebody wants more pictures or information on how to see Dr. Ivana leave a comment and ill get back to you.

Fish Market Restaurant

I went to fish market the other day for dinner with my mom. I wanted to go there because i wanted seafood cooked my way and apparently this place was nice new and clean. So i walked inside and was taken to the my table . As me and my mom sat down we looked around for the menu and it was printed on paper. I am not trying to be fussy or snobby about it but i have to admit i was suprised. However it makes sense cause the Menu only offered you the styles of cooking for you fish and some appetizers and sidedishes like chopsuey noodles and what not.

The waiters then leads us to our trolley which we used when we walked through the "Market" which is all the fish shrimps vegetables and all that your heart desires, and chose which and what we wanted. My Mom took the lobster and had a lobster with penne pasta and alfredo sauce while i order some shrimp in Lemon and cheese/butter not sure and some calamari as well as some more shirmp in sweet and sour sauce to go with the shrimp noodles. Yes i like shrimp.

The food came 15 mins later cooked hot and delicious is all that i can say, but i really didn't have very high expectations. To sum it up, The Service WAS AMAZING, they were everywhere and the momment you raise your finger they come and assist you. The food was very good and i would defintely go again. The Priceing i can't really say because everything was sold according to how many kilo's you wanted but i believe it could be a bit better. However i would defeintly go again to it. I would also Recommend it to any one who likes "Ghetto" Seafood.

The food after all is cooked according to your taste and choice so you can make it classy or arabian with all our herb's and spices or just plain old fried and breaded. Despite the pictures not looking very appetizeing(i shot them with my phone :S sorry) the food was wonderful.

The Fish Market Restaurant is placed just before Kuwait Towers and is apparetnly onwed/run by Americana. They are connected to a restaurant called Fusion so its Half Fish Market half Fusion and they have an upper Floor which will "Hopefully" Be turned into and italian restaurant.