Friday, April 17, 2009

Review: Al Forno

Picture above is from Bazaar

I have been looking for the Best Penne Arrabiatta in Kuwait. I went to the Alforno restaurant yeterday after having a quick need of pasta. I can say that their service was great however the server was a little to helpful sugesstin and asking and what not without being asked, but i guess he was under orders to be like that. I quickly ordered Penne Arrabiatta, and some Calamari Fritti. While Khalood from Overwhelminginsanity ordered Carpaccio which was raw meat and cheese and appraently tasty.

After the waiter took our order, me and my friend waited for a very little time before our appetizers came, The calamari was deep fried to say the least, the oil was practicly dripping on the plate and the sorry excuse they had for tartar sauce was just sad. Too much mayonaise, i wish they had another sauce.. Khalood enjoyed his appetizer and as he was not getting a main course, they brought my Penne Arrabiatta.

The sauce was nice not bad at all, however the whole dish was spoilt by the pasta which was a dry as one of those kitco Frites.. It was hard to eat and according to the manager, who asked later about our food, i had the option to cook them more to be softer but that they were cooking it the proper way.. ONLY italians can cook pasta and say its the proper way and second the pasta quality was poor you can cook it which ever way you want it will still be Below par..

However their prices were relativly ok maybe just alittle over priced and the nicething is at the end they give you a shot of lemonade to help metabolise the food.

The pic is from Macaholiq8

As i tasted the Penne Arrabiatta only i would recommend this place as a one time only thing, every thing is worth a try but there pasta was a 2.5/5. However i plan on going and checking out their tomato sauce rissotto and as i love tomato sauce anything i will have a better understanding of their quality and ability as a restaurant, However Again I Will State That Their Service Was Excellent.

Forno is located in The Avenues-PhaseI on the ground floor. Call 2224 2424 for more information. Opening Hours 12:00am-11:00pm

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  1. The Lamb shank in rosemary sauce is what you should have eaten. It is fabulous. <3

  2. I think the pasta they made for you is call El Dente which is harder than usual pastas....that might be why you didn't enjoy it

  3. its all good, i liked their sauce and calamari, and ill rey that next time.


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