Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back Problems Much?

I finally came across the cause of my back aches and foot aches..

I have always been told that i have flat feet and that they were going to get my back or feet in all sorts of trouble. From having my toes anayzlyzed and feet anayalyzed by an old highschool friend "J" who wants to be a foot massuese :P or aka physiotherapist, to wearing all these different types of shoes recomended by sports stores. Well after searching for a cure or a soloution to my i was recommended by a Trainer from sas who also is the coach for ASK's football team to go to either AL Mowasat or AL Hadi Hospital and get a specialized Insole. They each have a specialized foot Clinic to treat all types of issues from flat feet to walking incorrectly. (Yes there is a incorrect way to walk) So i went to Al Hadi Clinic, under the recommedation of my aunt and uncle who are extremly pleased with the Results.

The Dr. I me was Dr. Ivana how works with a french company in cooperation with Al Hadi.

The difference between her and the doctors i have been dealing with for most of my life was EXTREMLEY evident. She was energetic, Polite, not afraid to get down and dirty (as in actually make contact with my foot which for the record was not dirty.) and she had the most amazing bedside manners. Not the useless badly paid lazy inaccurate impolite, uneducated sad excuse for a man pretending to be a doctor at the government Hospitals. I always walk in on them flirting with their staff rather than paying attention. Its Insulting and i feel bad for me and the rest who look to the Government Hospitals hoping for an improvement in quality. I leave that blasting for later.

Dr. Ivana explained that we all walk differently and that some of us are affecting our walking habits are affecting our backs. She showed me with her life size skelton how my foot and knee were not operating effeciently and correctly and i felt ,according to the way she made my knee seem, like i had an alien knee (flashbacks fromt eachers telling me i had abnormally sized knees came to me). Then she asked how i could tolerate walking for long periods of time with lower back pains. I asked her for an example she told me when i shop or go to the mall if my back hurts after a while, and she was correct One hundred percent! I can't really shop because my back starts to hurt the lower left side most of the time. Aswell i have always gotten close to tears for some reason if anything hard taps a certain area of my knee and it used to happen alot.

After checking out my feet she took my height and weight. Then asked me to walk on a blue mat which was connected to a screen to show the pressure points of my foot as in where i put most pressure.

While looking at the screen which i didn't take a photo, she explained how i put most my weight on my heels, she then took an ink imprint of my foot and told me how the sole i would wear would be designed to relive pressure off my heel. She also told me i was not flat footed but half something which was not bad at all.

This was all wonderful and i do feel a change however the down side is that i cant wear slippers for a long time, and i have to buy certain types of shoes. Also the Insoles which arrived 10days later have ot be changed every 4/5 months.

The total cost was 50/40 KD and i wear my soles to everything football exercise walking around and the back pains have relived. The earlier you go the better as it can cause problems later on in life.

If somebody wants more pictures or information on how to see Dr. Ivana leave a comment and ill get back to you.

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