Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aseel Al Awadhi Running for Parliment

I prefer not to talk about politics however as Dr. Aseel al-Awadhi is my fav, for the upcoming elections, i wanted to show my support in my own little way.

This is a very very well educated and Intelligent woman, who can, given the chance, Benefit this country in soo many ways. I would like to personally wish her all the best and good luck

To visit her website Click Here or go to


Al Kout Festival at Auk

I was at Auk today and decided to take some pictures from this over segregated university's Al Kout Festival.

It was full of Kuwaiti owned buisnesses, some Kuwaiti Art and also some old Kuwaiti Cars.

Some of the more interesting things were inside the auditorium where there were men at work making all sort of traditional crafts.

They also had Camels!

There were also a Kuwaiti musical group Something Bahar, wasn't sure of the nae and poems read by several poets of them Faisal Al Adwani. It was very pleasant and there were some interesting and fattening things to eat.
They are going to be there for two more days and there are going to be lot's of interesting stuff to check out.

White Out Kuwait!

This was the only picture i could find of the weather yesterday!! This was from Al Watan Daily newspaper.

Abdullah al Mubarak area,
to read more check the Article at www.alwatandaily.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

AIS Teachers Complaining about Kuwait

248am posted about two American teachers in AIS complaining about Kuwait whilest being recorded. Now they are pretty "Mean" but again they are expressing there own opinion and they have the right to do that..don't they? The comments on youtube aren't expressing that, both ways i can't seem them coming back for the next school year..

Via 248am

Update: Apparently the message spread quickly, They have removed the video from youtube.

MEIAS in Marina Food Court

I went to Marina Mal today to get something quick to eat, as i was passing by i found out that Lebanese Restaurant MEIAS is opening at the food court.

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Kuwait

Me and overwhelminginsanity went out for dinner the other day and we decided to have chinese. Now there were hundreds of chinese places to go but it was like 11, so we decided to go to a place nearby called Golden Chopsticks. It was not the first or last time i have been there because its my faviroute chinese restaurant. First the prices are PERFECT. The vareity of food was more than adequate not too much so you don't know what to get and not to little that you feel fustrated. The food itself is.. Unbelievable. The taste is soo pure that you can feel it gushing in your mouth. I have to admit i have a bias towards them as i was pretty much their first or one of the first customers they had when they first opened up in salmiya oppposite Pearl Al marzoug BLDG, however since that placed was closed down because the owner of the building wants to demolish (and still hasn't) they opened a bigger and better branch in Shaab near astrolounge , the right turn before shalaweet if your coming in from Gulf road. Th place is owned a wonderful Chinese Lady who is The Perfect Host and the service was up to her high standards.

We ordered Sweet and Sour Shrimp, egg fried Rice, a Salad and Crispy Beef with sweet and sour sauce and it all came up to under 7 KD. I must also add that the portions were very extremly well sized if not generous. The reason i wanted to point this out, is because i have been to places where the sweet and sour Chicken is 600 gils extra, the sauce looks cheap and they gice you like 7 pieces of chicken (Wok Master) among others.

The place is wonderful and has a very homey and cozy feel to it, i extremly advise taking your loved ones, close friends and even buissness lunches/dinners there as they WILL NOT dissapoint you. They do Deliever and It is very popular so make sure you call them on weekends for reservations just in case.

Their Shaab Branch Address is:
Shaab, BLK 8, Behind Villa Travel
Tel: 22656161, 22656151

I Just found out they have a Webpage and soon you will be able to order online!!

The webpage is www.goldenchopstickskw.com

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life's for sharing

T- Mobile taped a live ad at the Liverpool Street Station and everybody just joined in and had a bit of fun, its extremely Refreshing.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Did You Know? Facts that will Blow Your Mind!

This Video from you tube is simply amazing showing a bunch of facts that just shocked me! other than that i felt inclined to go take an IQ test, 136 :) check it out!

FIRE on Wataniya plane and the PR Mess!

My moms friend and her daughters and other passengers were on their way back from dubai and when they boarded and took their seats a fire strted above one of her daughters apparently there was lots of smoke and every body was panicking and after the people brought fire extingushers and put out the fire and when the shaken up passengers asked to leave they were denied which angered them and a bunch of angry passengers was enough to force the crew into letting them leave the plane, once they were back in the airport(dubai's) they were nearly immedialty transfferewd back to the SAME plane but at a different gate. My Moms friend then tried talking to the Manager who turned out to be extremley Rude and expressing Behavior and language that was unacceptable of a manager of a new up and coming company. The Company then disscussed sending the passengers back on an Emirates plane but then refuted the idea after they deciededthe price was expensive so in stead they sent them on Kuwait airways the NEXT day much to the displeasement of passengers. The Wataniya plane was then off to Bahrain which makes one wonder why it couldn't make it to Kuwait and if it would tell the next passengers about it. The Passengers then marched to ALQABAS it think or some other news paper and talked about their grievances with Wataniya Airways. i think the article will come out soon probably Tuesday and will turn into a PR Mess for Wataniya. I wonder how the company will respond to this issue and their Unadequate Manager.

One things for sure, they better do something soon and mae up for this becuse they have stiff competetion.

There is the Possiblity of a lawsuit.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Under renovation

For those of you who are wondering where I've been recently: I'm currently working on a new look/design for my blog, which should be completed very soon.

Stay tuned for new developments at the K5; I'll be back.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures of Old Kuwait

I was sent a link to a some amazing pictures of old Kuwait on flickr that i enjoyed looking at, if you like pictures of old Kuwait then its defintly a Must See Click [Here] to see the pictures
or paste this on to your address bar.
The Picture above i got from Google and i think it belonged to 248am.com which is another really cool blog that if you haven't checked out already you should now.

Kuwaiti St. In Israel!

South Tel Aviv has a newly named street. As of just over two weeks ago, just off Bossem Street, you can now find Rechov Ha'achim al-Kuvaiti, or al-Kuwaiti Brothers Street.

On one corner, there is a handsome, white modernist villa. Opposite, there is a large, run-down apartment block. Many of the residents were not delighted that their street had been given a new, apparently Arabic name.

The Tel Aviv municipality had, though, decided to bestow posthumous recognition on two of its least celebrated residents.

Saleh and Daoud al-Kuwaiti had lived close by to their eponymous street, after they had joined the mass emigration of Jews from Iraq to Israel in 1951.

Theirs were lives of triumph and dejection. They had been the toast of Baghdad, in the words of Saleh's son Shlomo, "the national composers of Iraq, and the founders of Iraqi modern music".
In their pomp, the emir of Kuwait would visit the al-Kuwaiti family home, every six weeks, to listen to the brothers perform.

When Shlomo's oldest brother was born, his father called him Sabah, after the emir's family name.
The emir attended Sabah's circumcision, bringing with him a gold case, filled with gold coins.
But the establishment of the new Jewish state in 1948 brought in its wake a surge in anti-Semitism in Iraq. It reached a point where the al-Kuwaitis decided to move to Israel.
It was then that the brothers began to feel the slow crush of disillusion.

"My father," recalls Shlomo, "suffered twice." The first rejection was that of Israel, which in 1951 had little time for the al-Kuwaitis' music.

"His music was considered the music of the enemy," says Shlomo. "So immediately, they put his music in a ghetto. Instead of the concert hall, my father and his brother had to play weddings and barmitzvahs and family fiestas, with people eating and drinking... and not listening."

The second blow came from inside Iraq. Shlomo claims as much as 90% of Iraq's modern popular music was written by his father.

The new Iraqi regime "couldn't erase the music, because everyone was singing it. But the regime started to call it traditional music. They didn't mention his name. They sometimes forced another composer to take the credit".

By Tim Franks BBC News, Jerusalem
to get the rest of the Article click [Here] or paste this onto your address bar

The Burqa Fashion Show by Bill Maher

I am not religous, I hate Burqas however i dont like people being talking or poking fun about subjects that they are ignorant in. Here Bill Maher takes another Swipe at muslim tradtions by having a fashion shows of Burqa. Add to that , the idea that americans dont watch anywhere as much tv as they read Books.

To watch the Clip Click [Here]

or paste this on to your address bar.

Bill Maher shows his Ignorance in this clip with Mos Def Defending Click [Here] To see.

or Paste this onto your address Bar.

I dont like people uneducating the public and enforcing Stereotypes.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Here are three 9-1-1 calls that were hilarious!,

Un-Happy Meal

To hear a woman calling complaing about how McDonalds are out of Nuggets. click [Here.]
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When your Trouble Don't Hesistate To Ask for Help

To hear a child reporting a problem that so many, including me till now, have faced click [Here.]
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Child Discipline For Dummies

To Hear some helpful ideas on how to deal with your 12 year olds click [Here.]
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- K5 -

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A different View of Israel & Palestine Possiblities..

This is an Ad made by an israeli company pushing for peace between the two warring nations..

It is definitely Worth Watching!!


Only in Egypt

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Campaign Against Real Life

My friend sent me a link to this funny Youtube clip. its a parody of the dove evolution Advertisement. If you remember its the one where a blonde girl is staring at you as she is getting ready to be photographed and everything moves fast from the make up to the hair to the air brushing and what not to the point where she is photographed and placed on a board, Anyways this is baiscly.. the opposite, debeautifying some one :P

Expect a Review of the Restaurant Fish Market, Golden chopsticks La pizza among others soon :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10,000 KD If Your a Kuwaiti !!!

Apparently some Ministers have submitted a Draft Law suggesting the government hand out intrest Free Loans to all Kuwaiti's above the age of 21 in the amount of 10,000 Kuwaiti Dinars and to All Kuwaiti's under 21 1000 dinars to be paid over the time frame of 15 years which is around 55.5 kd per month. It's interesting because alot of us are already swimming in debt so i look forward to seeing how people will approach it. It is important to say that the plan is already getting positive reviews from around the parliment and i have tlaked to some people who have showed me how they plan to use it wisely in paying back loans receiving back intrest from the govt and stuff but a Warning to the others dont buy anything that you cant buy in Cash. I am tempted to go and buy a LCD PS3 and a Toshiba Laptop add to that a Desktop for PC games and still have like 9000-8500 left but why? just becareful people.

Here's a Link to the Article on Kuwait Times

or Paste this to your Address Bar

Movie Review: Taken

Connection Director:Pierre Morel
Writers (WGA):Luc Besson (written by) &Robert Mark Kamen (written by)
Contact:View company contact information for Taken on IMDbPro.
Release Date:30 January 2009 (USA) more
Genre:Action Crime Drama Thriller more
Tagline: The time for revenge has come.


Im going to make this short cause i have ALOT of work to do.

Liam Neeson is a father who is trying to make up for lost time with his daughter by retiring and living in a state of limbo just to be closer to her. His daughter decides to travel and convinces her dad to approve of her traveling to paris. When she reaches paris it dosen't take her long to get kidnapped and from then on dad goes beserk and starts hunting down the people who have TAKEN his daughter.

This movie IS AMAZING I LOVE IT!!! Its full of action and suspense and its like a modern day Steven Segall but with a different and bit more realistic modern day touch to it as in he dosent destroy everyone with the flick of his finger. Its made part hollywood part Canal+ (the french channel) and the only thing that ticked me off about it was that Liam Neeson's daughter runs like a 25 year old trying to act 5.

7/8.5 out of 10

Monday, March 2, 2009

Picture of The Week

I love Lego.


Review: Skins

Well since i have be Watching series for pretty much the last 2 years instead of using my time positivley ( I do have a life *Honest!*) i thought why note post reviews about them and even better places i eat. Now i knowits soo cliche' and everybody does it but its my opinon and i am always spot on for places to have a good meal and series to watch, and songs to listen to... IM PERFECT!!! anyways thats for late :)


This is going to be short and simple, Skins is a British TV show about Eight teenagers and how they go about their life in Bristol England. It is a Drama/Comedy show and you baisicly follow One teenager per episode. What makes it special is its wide variety of Characters including a Gay Teen, A Muslim struggling with his faith and a unstable Girl with an eating disorder among many others. The funny thing is that you really begin to see the same charcaters around you however not exact but back to the review, the Series show you the life struggles that these teens face throughout their wild adventures and they dont try to hide the nasty side of it. Its new and its real and halfway through its third season  I strongly recommend you dont read the shows Synopsis on wikipedia. DOWNLOAD this or BUY this show it is worth it the Only bad thing about it is that it has only a little number of episodes per season.

I heard about this show a while back but felt intrigued by it because of how thisisntreallyaboutanything's Blog talked about it so thx ;)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Everythings Amazing Nobody is Happy

A different View of the Global Recession worth watching.

This guy pokes fun at how "spoilt" we are and that everything is actually Perfect but were unhappy.


Well i have been out of comission for a while due mainly to the fact that my screen is now disconnected from my laptop body, which has ushered in the begining of a search for a new laptop, i really need help with this and advice whether i should burden someone overseas to bring it for me or should i just get it from here and whther a Mac or a normal laptop toshiba hp or fujitusimens if thats how its spelled, and the other reason is that i have started using torrent again :D cause it wasn't working for me a while back. i have a while season of Chuck to download and i have done most my movies but im gonna be getting futurama and start to chekc out Skins which according to aisha (who has continuesly reminded me of how dull the middle east can be) is the shit. I guess if i like it il make sure i leave asap. Now the other question Travel for a long ass time in the summer or buy a lap top Lcd TV and PS3??? Barcelona just lost to Atl. Madrid which eansif they lose two more times and we (real Madrid) dont, then we own the leadership of la liga :D that made my day. WAIT i learned something important, I am really impatient like and can be very chilled layed back relaxed and "BAred" however in some things, most things i just am way too Impatient, so my new years Resolution is to learn patience and take a chill pill in life. i Know its late.