Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Kuwait

Me and overwhelminginsanity went out for dinner the other day and we decided to have chinese. Now there were hundreds of chinese places to go but it was like 11, so we decided to go to a place nearby called Golden Chopsticks. It was not the first or last time i have been there because its my faviroute chinese restaurant. First the prices are PERFECT. The vareity of food was more than adequate not too much so you don't know what to get and not to little that you feel fustrated. The food itself is.. Unbelievable. The taste is soo pure that you can feel it gushing in your mouth. I have to admit i have a bias towards them as i was pretty much their first or one of the first customers they had when they first opened up in salmiya oppposite Pearl Al marzoug BLDG, however since that placed was closed down because the owner of the building wants to demolish (and still hasn't) they opened a bigger and better branch in Shaab near astrolounge , the right turn before shalaweet if your coming in from Gulf road. Th place is owned a wonderful Chinese Lady who is The Perfect Host and the service was up to her high standards.

We ordered Sweet and Sour Shrimp, egg fried Rice, a Salad and Crispy Beef with sweet and sour sauce and it all came up to under 7 KD. I must also add that the portions were very extremly well sized if not generous. The reason i wanted to point this out, is because i have been to places where the sweet and sour Chicken is 600 gils extra, the sauce looks cheap and they gice you like 7 pieces of chicken (Wok Master) among others.

The place is wonderful and has a very homey and cozy feel to it, i extremly advise taking your loved ones, close friends and even buissness lunches/dinners there as they WILL NOT dissapoint you. They do Deliever and It is very popular so make sure you call them on weekends for reservations just in case.

Their Shaab Branch Address is:
Shaab, BLK 8, Behind Villa Travel
Tel: 22656161, 22656151

I Just found out they have a Webpage and soon you will be able to order online!!

The webpage is


  1. I miss the old salmiya location. It was sooo cosssy!
    - R.

  2. I know what you mean, you never know they might reopen once they rebuild the (to be demolished) building

  3. the blue and white ones??;o inshalla!! i saw the lady owner helen i think i always forget her name.. i didnt think of asking her! humph;s

  4. yeah! me 2 its kinda embarassing because shes really sweet and still remembers my name! :P the ones i was talking about was the small ones opposite the Pearl al Marzoug

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