Sunday, March 1, 2009


Well i have been out of comission for a while due mainly to the fact that my screen is now disconnected from my laptop body, which has ushered in the begining of a search for a new laptop, i really need help with this and advice whether i should burden someone overseas to bring it for me or should i just get it from here and whther a Mac or a normal laptop toshiba hp or fujitusimens if thats how its spelled, and the other reason is that i have started using torrent again :D cause it wasn't working for me a while back. i have a while season of Chuck to download and i have done most my movies but im gonna be getting futurama and start to chekc out Skins which according to aisha (who has continuesly reminded me of how dull the middle east can be) is the shit. I guess if i like it il make sure i leave asap. Now the other question Travel for a long ass time in the summer or buy a lap top Lcd TV and PS3??? Barcelona just lost to Atl. Madrid which eansif they lose two more times and we (real Madrid) dont, then we own the leadership of la liga :D that made my day. WAIT i learned something important, I am really impatient like and can be very chilled layed back relaxed and "BAred" however in some things, most things i just am way too Impatient, so my new years Resolution is to learn patience and take a chill pill in life. i Know its late.

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  1. Toshiba is the devil. Don't go to the dark side!


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