Monday, March 2, 2009

Review: Skins

Well since i have be Watching series for pretty much the last 2 years instead of using my time positivley ( I do have a life *Honest!*) i thought why note post reviews about them and even better places i eat. Now i knowits soo cliche' and everybody does it but its my opinon and i am always spot on for places to have a good meal and series to watch, and songs to listen to... IM PERFECT!!! anyways thats for late :)


This is going to be short and simple, Skins is a British TV show about Eight teenagers and how they go about their life in Bristol England. It is a Drama/Comedy show and you baisicly follow One teenager per episode. What makes it special is its wide variety of Characters including a Gay Teen, A Muslim struggling with his faith and a unstable Girl with an eating disorder among many others. The funny thing is that you really begin to see the same charcaters around you however not exact but back to the review, the Series show you the life struggles that these teens face throughout their wild adventures and they dont try to hide the nasty side of it. Its new and its real and halfway through its third season  I strongly recommend you dont read the shows Synopsis on wikipedia. DOWNLOAD this or BUY this show it is worth it the Only bad thing about it is that it has only a little number of episodes per season.

I heard about this show a while back but felt intrigued by it because of how thisisntreallyaboutanything's Blog talked about it so thx ;)


  1. lol cheers! it is an epic show, have you seen both seasons?

  2. no its taking ages to download!!! im still on Episode 5!! :'(


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