Tuesday, March 3, 2009

10,000 KD If Your a Kuwaiti !!!

Apparently some Ministers have submitted a Draft Law suggesting the government hand out intrest Free Loans to all Kuwaiti's above the age of 21 in the amount of 10,000 Kuwaiti Dinars and to All Kuwaiti's under 21 1000 dinars to be paid over the time frame of 15 years which is around 55.5 kd per month. It's interesting because alot of us are already swimming in debt so i look forward to seeing how people will approach it. It is important to say that the plan is already getting positive reviews from around the parliment and i have tlaked to some people who have showed me how they plan to use it wisely in paying back loans receiving back intrest from the govt and stuff but a Warning to the others dont buy anything that you cant buy in Cash. I am tempted to go and buy a LCD PS3 and a Toshiba Laptop add to that a Desktop for PC games and still have like 9000-8500 left but why? just becareful people.

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  1. This is very interesting. A way to solve things is up finally.

    CBK (Central Bank) is doing a great job in pushing some rules to aid the locals, starting with banks and now the government.

    Excellent Progress.


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