Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures of Old Kuwait

I was sent a link to a some amazing pictures of old Kuwait on flickr that i enjoyed looking at, if you like pictures of old Kuwait then its defintly a Must See Click [Here] to see the pictures
or paste this on to your address bar.
The Picture above i got from Google and i think it belonged to which is another really cool blog that if you haven't checked out already you should now.


  1. the pics are really cool!!! the good old days!

  2. xlant post thanks .. I loved the pic's

  3. VERY NICE POST my friend :)
    good one ;)
    Keep it up man :)


  4. Thank you im glad you guys liked them, i'll try to be more efficent with the replies as of now, just having trouble trying to get the renovation done. If you like stuff to do with old kuwait then you should defintely check out the Al Kout Festival at AUK it has lots of Kuwaiti craftsmanship kuwaiti owned Companies and arts and everything which is really entertaining.


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