Saturday, March 28, 2009

FIRE on Wataniya plane and the PR Mess!

My moms friend and her daughters and other passengers were on their way back from dubai and when they boarded and took their seats a fire strted above one of her daughters apparently there was lots of smoke and every body was panicking and after the people brought fire extingushers and put out the fire and when the shaken up passengers asked to leave they were denied which angered them and a bunch of angry passengers was enough to force the crew into letting them leave the plane, once they were back in the airport(dubai's) they were nearly immedialty transfferewd back to the SAME plane but at a different gate. My Moms friend then tried talking to the Manager who turned out to be extremley Rude and expressing Behavior and language that was unacceptable of a manager of a new up and coming company. The Company then disscussed sending the passengers back on an Emirates plane but then refuted the idea after they deciededthe price was expensive so in stead they sent them on Kuwait airways the NEXT day much to the displeasement of passengers. The Wataniya plane was then off to Bahrain which makes one wonder why it couldn't make it to Kuwait and if it would tell the next passengers about it. The Passengers then marched to ALQABAS it think or some other news paper and talked about their grievances with Wataniya Airways. i think the article will come out soon probably Tuesday and will turn into a PR Mess for Wataniya. I wonder how the company will respond to this issue and their Unadequate Manager.

One things for sure, they better do something soon and mae up for this becuse they have stiff competetion.

There is the Possiblity of a lawsuit.

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  1. First of all Welcome back K5 .. we really missed your interesting posts :)
    what a bad incident to happen especially to a newly launched airline company !!
    Good Luck !


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