Thursday, March 5, 2009

A different View of Israel & Palestine Possiblities..

This is an Ad made by an israeli company pushing for peace between the two warring nations..

It is definitely Worth Watching!!



  1. Dear K5,

    Our conflict with the Israelis cannot be solved as in the video. They took their land, they killed their people, the raped their women, they killed kids, they killed civilians, they did and they did ...
    A peace treaty is not a right thing to do we as Arabs wont accept that !
    I'm not sure why you are posting this post, and what do you mean by this video .. ?
    are you with "PEACE with ISRAEL" ?


  2. I'm not saying forget.. don't forgive thats all up to them, but im for peace in any form or way.. I dont like the paslestinan Govts or the Israeli govt's either its the people im concerned about, are you sure "YOU" arabs wont accept them, you know that theres a saudi led peace treaty on the table for israel to accept.

    yes i am.


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