Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Al Kout Festival at Auk

I was at Auk today and decided to take some pictures from this over segregated university's Al Kout Festival.

It was full of Kuwaiti owned buisnesses, some Kuwaiti Art and also some old Kuwaiti Cars.

Some of the more interesting things were inside the auditorium where there were men at work making all sort of traditional crafts.

They also had Camels!

There were also a Kuwaiti musical group Something Bahar, wasn't sure of the nae and poems read by several poets of them Faisal Al Adwani. It was very pleasant and there were some interesting and fattening things to eat.
They are going to be there for two more days and there are going to be lot's of interesting stuff to check out.


  1. I was there today and the festival was very well planned ow it was amazing :D .. Thanks for the coverage man :)
    keep it up :)


  2. afa 3laaik ana kili lik ;)


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