Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4th floor is on fire!..Again!

A fire broke out in the elevators of my builing. This is very fustrating because this is the second time in less than a full year that this happens, however this time it was a much larger fire and i was not at home. it started off when I got a frantic call from sonya our housework Assitant saying the house is on fire immediatly after i get one from The Queen telling me to find out whats going on. My car was in the garage, my Aunts driver was taking my little cousin to his birthday party and my cousins were all asleep. So i quickly called up Khalood from Overwhelminginsanity and tell him about the mess and he drives into the middle of nowhere to get me. We leave in his new car(mabrook) and drive to my place and quickly go upstairs. On the way their was a terrible accident on Gulf Road near BK, and i couldn't really see what happened fa ma itshoofoon shar. Anyways i get home stamdede towards the manager and politley showed him how unconvienent this fire is and if it weren't for their irresponsibility and lack of attention to the many letters we send, we wouldn't have this mess.

This has happened twice now and next to the homes of many people with the dangerous fumes it emits it could harm lots. The Building is a gold mine as one of the tenants said. Yet they choose to not pay attention to its faults. They take advantage of a good thing and if left too long it will collapse. (this somehow reminds me of the complaints i hear about the country.) The Tenants are going to hopefully sign a petition and find a way to make sure we hear them, even if it means putting a loudspeaker next to their ears. I feel this is Extremley disrespective to us as paying customers. We have Children in this building people with asthma and the semll is still strong in the hall way. Are they prepared to handle lawsuits? This is not the behavior expected of a building that is famous around kuwait for its Grandeur and History as well as being the best of the best..

After taking a bunch of photos and a video camera as well as getting the info from neighbors and friends, i had to discover that THE FIRE EXTINGUSHERS DIDN'T WORK! and the ones that did Were Not Very Effective! Disraceful. Aswell apparently the firemen who i hoped would instill some calmness were "Chilling" and dissapointing. The whole floor ceiling is black and the elevators are all down, one was left open only blocked by a ash tray and a fire extingushier. What a Safety hazard. I wonder what they would do if a larger crisis erupted.

I would finally like to say thank you to the neighbors and the beautiful Photographer Rayoom will remain annonymous, aswell asthe security guards and receptionists who did not have any training in this field yet tried their hardest. Aswell as my our family across the hall for taking care of Sonya :)

Strategic Postioning..

Seems like hanging out by the pool was more interesting..

This is a video from the aftermath that might give you a better view on how things looked..

Overwhelminginsanity also wrote about it and has more pictures :)


  1. omg!!!!... il7mdilla ina every1 is ok ... i say file a lawsuit... thats dangergous stuff ... 7aram il babies!!!... nd the people ...ambai bas 9ij 7imdillaa ina every1 is ok

  2. thx yeah 7imdila everyone is ok lol and yeah luckily the babies next closest to the fire were out of the country and i believe that they are in the process of filing a Law Suit :)

  3. Matshoof Shar habibi, keep up this blog! I am really enjoying being kept so close to home by reading your things, even though this one is a little scary :S

    Fyi, the fire extinguishers must be checked by the administration once every year minimum, there are expiry dates on each one of those things. As for the fire it looks like an electrical fire, whats scarier is that if it happened with the elevator the worry is that it may happen inside someone's home if the wiring is faulty. I suggest you guys take this to the municipality. With an issue that big I am surprised the building management hasn't said anything. Perhaps taking it to the newspapers? You already have the documentations in pictures, I am sure that there would be a lot of interest.


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