Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dr. Faisal Al Muslim - OUT?!

According to a blog a read on 4thringroad there are unconfirmed reports that Dr. Faisal Al Muslim might not be running for Elections in the new parliment, which means one less conservative. He has a HUGE FAN BASE though. This is very good news but i would like to point out, he is of a very select group that i respect. He actually at times knows what he is talking about and isn't just throwing his view of the state religon everywhere as an excuse for everything that happens. However that was from the few times i saw him i haven't payed attention recently so dont put much weight.

Via 4thringroad


  1. Then let him stay and the others leave!

  2. no, he might still run saying that he was pressured or something, but im hoping most of them leave.


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