Sunday, April 12, 2009

Axis of Evil at AUK.. again!

A less publisicized but equally anticipated return of The Stand Up Comedy Act "Axis of Evil" returns to Auk with tickets sold at 15 and 30 KD. If you have not ever been to a stand up comedy show then you should go by all means because it is definitly a must.


  1. this coming from an auk student, the regular price tickets r 30 KD and VIP r 50KD, tickets r on sale today until half an hour before the show starts, the first being at 7, and the second show at 9...

  2. I hate Ahmed Ahmed. He's such a racist against his own Muslim Arab race

  3. annonymous, sorry they really didn't Advertise that much :/

    GG, i haven't seen them and i really think they are over rated from the little bits that i have..


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