Sunday, April 12, 2009

Future Parking Styles

A new and destined to be popular style of parking has been invented for the public. They have finally found a amazingly cool way to park your special cars and to make your normal cars look x100 cooler.

Underground James Bond, Batman Style parking.

Here is another Video that explains further:

The price for a single is $61,181 and for a Double which is a parking above and below it will be $72,816. They both average to around KD 17,900 and KD 21,300 Respectivley. Don't forget everything will be overpriced here so don't be suprised if its a lot more. If anyone gets one please invite me over ok?

They have just started spreading them over london with only 4 created 6 under construction and 10 more ordered.

Click Here to visit their Website.

They have a distrubutor in Kuwait for more info you can visit 4thringroad

I found some of this on 4thringroad which one of Kuwaits top blogs, and i highly recommend visiting if you haven't already.

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  1. thanks for the kind workds. and your blog is amazing too, keep up the good work :)


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