Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Series this year

Fringe: A sci - fi drama much like the X files but with a better tune, it goes around three main characters, A female FBI agent a Mad scientist let out of a Mental institution and his son. As well as a Big Scary E.T Look a like Boss.

Lie To Me: The main character studied body language for many years before transferring back to civilization and has made a buisness out of detecting lies this show is really cool especially the pilot as it shows you certain body movements that people do when they lie and they also show previous example from real life people such as Prez. Nixon and Clinton as well as other celebrities.

The Mentalist: Came before Lie to me but just as good with a little more drama/Saddness to it. A guy who solves crimes and mysteries by using mindtricks and tests to figure out the truth. An excellent hypnotist to and also know lots of pointless info

How Not to Live Your Life:
A english comedy that is on hiatus but is definitley worth the watch if your looking for laugh and have time to kill.

I'll post some later but my midnight dinner has just arrived.. i strongly suggest checking out the first three they are all amazing!!

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