Friday, February 20, 2009


Well i was in the elevator yesterday and i bumped into two grown aquaintences who were acting like women who had just smelled a skunk or had seen a rat or mouse so i lok around and they are coverng their noses and opinting and making all these "wai3, "Wai3" sounds and iff and i dont know what i had not realized yet because they were pointing at a worker, a human being, working at the American University whilest still on the poverty line, and he had to endure the humilation of being made fun of by two grown kuwaiti boys who had my respect and are all polite and everything with me and anybody else yet this is how act in public with even a teacher infront of them but whether or not a teacher was infront of them or any for the matter, its just extremly dissapointing and a disgusting act. Whats more its sad to know that there are more people like that around us, i hope that one day he will face the same situation but with the tables turned.

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