Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Future Projects

I have two projects in mind for the next few months.

My Personal get back into shape project/Diary:-

As most of my friends know i used to play Club Football, once upon a time. Once upon a time i was perfectly fit, but winter comes and i am drawn to hot food, and my own addiction "Home Made French fries" mmmmmmmmmm..... well because of my lack of exercise and excessicve food intake, i have gained 10 K's and gained a belly... also been onf the recieving end of verbal abuse from aziz and S. ;P who are trying to motivate me apparently (A) so i will be having a diary of my progerss back into shape for people who dont believe running and going to a gym works wonders( im hoping it does)

My second project will be a T-shirt Buisness:-

Me and khaled from will try and start a T-shit shop that prints funny/Catch Phrases and random stuff on T-shirts. I have been wanting to start it and Khaled already has experience so i will be looking forward to working with him and being a sucess <== how do you spell it?? i am looking to wearing the T-shirts too ;P i have in mind a T- Shirt saying " Yes I Am Wearing My Sunglasses To Pretend I Dont See U" or some thing along those lines " I wear sunglasses = Me very Hot" or " When I wear My Shades I Dont want to talk to you" something like that lol ;P

Wish Me Luck and i hope they spark your interest..

- K5 -

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