Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kuwaits Musem/Antique Store.

Nawader Al Kuwait Antique Store Enterance.

Every now and then you fall on something Unique, well tday on my way home i saw a shop filled with antiques/artifacts whatever you want to call them. It was like i was stepping into a different World there was everything from old records coins and stereos machines toys to old pepsi scratch and win prizes and much more.. The shop is owned by the person who also owns LAKATAT Studio in shaab Mohammed Al Banna (i need to double check). He first planned on making it another studio and calling it LAHATHAT before changing his mind. The shop is small and no Bigger than MOKAN cafe next to ASK, to those who know it However the amount of items he has and their vareity are breath taking. What makes it special is that He only sells records, as he hopes to preserve some part of Kuwait's dissapearing history. He's extremley friendly and hospitable and will take you way back as he talks about where and when the antiques were attained. He sells Records mostly arab records but he does even have the Beatles Bonny M etc.. so it could be a nice present for those of you who have people in their lives that were their at "that" time. This store is Unique in kuwait and its the only one that sells records in the Middle east apparently. If you want to check it out their Address is: Pearl Al Marzoug Building in Ras Al Salmiya St 1. Its Called Nawader Al Kuwait.

Their Website is :
Telphone #: 0096525757500

Update: The Website Apparently dosent work.



  1. INTERESTING !! where did they get all these old items from, i might pass by tomorrow afternoon.

  2. it looks amazing thanks for the info

  3. Hey anonymous :)
    Abdullah: yeah it really is, its open after 5 i think and its really cool, i took my mom there she loved it.

    Mosan Mosan your welcome :)

  4. K5 omg im in love with u :P:P how r u?? the place looks pretty cool..i hope its still there wen i get bak in xmas...its bahman btw.

  5. lol it will be here ;p just keep your head down and become a dentist cause i might need braces by the time your finished ;p

  6. can anyone tell me the general prices for the things?


  7. the Vinyls go from anywhere between 5 Kd -50 Kd and in some cases more howevre the rest of the items are for display as he dosent wantr to sell them because he wants to have a place where people can appreciate and see old antiques that otherwise would be in someones attics or spread around so thnly that you wouldn't be Able to find them, Visit him if you want At Pearl Al Marzoug Bldg Ras Al Salmiya Blk1 St 1.

  8. Do they sell English Vinyl records?

  9. by the way hes not the only one selling records in the middle east there is one in beirut -Lebanon called ( Chico) this is the facebook link:
    he's got hundreds of records and always new arrivals coming to the store.

  10. Does he still sell records? I found a small antique store in the city near mubarakiya that also sells old records and vintage items

    Check them out on Instagram vintage_radio_


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