Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday and my second post.

There was a exhibition at the mishref fair grounds about telephones and tech stuff, internet Viva Wataniya and Zain. Wataniya was best represented, and unfortunatly there were like only 4 Hot girls in the whole "Room" and my beautiful friend who had to work at Wataniya. As usual the all the guys swarmed over the stalls where the girls were at and especially SonyEricsson where there was a beautiful girl. She was unfortunatley married, raped kidnapped and everything else by the eyes of the men around her. Wonder how she feels about it. I do tend to think where people get these girls out of the blue. It takes guts to do what they do. I work at the Viva Call Center, which happens to be the worst job i have had and i use alot of energy keeping myself from calling the people who talk to me idots among other things. Well its 12 and i have an exam in the morning which i again haven't studied for. I really dont know why i put myself in these perdicments im also kinda wanting to eat something. Over the last few months.. well since summer i have been spending alot of time in bed watching stuff reading stuff and what not and baisicaly my body has turned to mush, my braind is dying away and im trying to wake my self up before i am taken over by the Kuwaiti life style of eat spend money go out spend money sleep. I am joining a gym tomorrow. Wait no next week. Tomorrow i will go and giz myself at the exhibition with my cousin. Also i need to see Dode'. Dode' is pretty much the coolest person you will meet. Ever. Probably the most beautiful. Now you wonder guy or girl. well neither, she/he's and alien.
i started smoking again after wuitting for a few months the packet the dizznes everynow is too tempting but i wil run and it will hurt and then i will stop.. again. Laptop is still getting fixed because itunes is not working so i might pick it up tomorrow. i guess i should go get some water watch an episode of dexter and start studying. last day for two weeks. only for 10 days to be exact!! :'(


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