Wednesday, September 23, 2009

F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Rap music banned!!

I was out at Virgin for god knows what, especially during the Eid Congestion. Neways, i wanted to get the Friends 10 season box set for my friend, and when i asked them for it,they told me it was banned that along with the sale of any Rap Music which can be extended to RnB..

I am shocked and i was just wondering, is this wrong or whateever? like i wish they did this during my high schol years before the 50 cent tupac revolution in kuwait, i swear to god i had my cousins son coming to me telling me they hate him because hes black, i was about to slap him. Hathi ili buga little kids being influenced and creating racisim. Anyways yeah i wish they did this years ago, However, nobody really buys orginial CD's so it wouldn't have had much of an effect,but whats this rubbish, who told them they should and could do this! Ok so i don't really care for rap music and i can get friends elsewhere but if it starts here, where will it stop..

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