Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The whole Kanye VMA inccident, & Barrack Obamas opinon of Kanye'

Sorry i have not been keeping up, but as you know the last days of Ramathan have come upon us, as does salat al jiam, so that along with the new discovery of online gaming has cause me to be a bit busy,

Anyways Heres the deal,

Taylor swift, won her first MTV moon man award for best music video, shes seventeen this innocent, god loving i will honor myself untill marriage, ex jonas borthers girfriend went on, and she had the hearts of millions. Why because she has that baby innocent aww her first award how cute and special thing going for her.

This was her video:
WARNING THERE IS A HARAM SCENE, at the end so stop it before the end if ur watching.the last 20/10 secs i think.

cute, dont expect anymore of these songs though.

Now mr. Ultimate MTV VMAs bad boy kanye west had his THIRD outburst and destroyed her momment. He went on stage took her mic shouted that Beyonce should have won, and went off stage. He also was caught entering the VMAS with a bottle of Cognac <-- Alcohol *GASP* :O HARAM ista'3firallah for mentioning it, sarcasm, just for the overly sensitive ones.

What ensued was interesting,

Beyonce won an award and she gave her talk tim to Taylor, very classy, kanye broke down in called taylor apologizd in public on his blog and the jay leno show and decided that he needs some time off. Many artists gave in their opinons and bashed him on facebook tiwtter people either were with him or against him some said "Freedom of speech" others called him bad names. Barrack Obama even gave an adjective of Kanye. hm what else, O yeah IF JAY Z DON't SAY NUTHIN AND HE BE HER HUSBAND THEN U DON't SAY NUTHIN. thats wat jayz was thinking. Also some people compared the kanye incident with the incident at the congress where some1 shouted "YOUR A LIAR" while Barrack Buhussein Obama was giving a speech.

My view, Taylor swift had the most amazing debut as it will never be forgotten. Kanye is spoiled and its sad he lost his closest human being (his mom) he never got along with the MTV VMAs but he seems like the kid whose mom always said your the best at everything blah blah. However i do believe that he dosen't approve of the way MTV chooses the winners and he is hurting and has issues so... i love kanye no matter what nehow.

O AND am i the only one who thnks that Taylor Swift is Freakishly tall for a 17 year old counrty singing girl. Like i would be kinda scared to break up with that. Sorry, i mean, telling her we can't chat on "messenger" or "il bb".

well here is all the footage ya'll should need

You can also click this link to see a quick overview including the actual incident.
which include:

The incident

Beyonce's save

Barrack Obamas opinon

Kanye apologizing

Taylor Swift Accepting

The funniest thig was that people were calling him "Heartless" lool, o am i the only one who finds that funny?

To il rabi3 who will not approve of this post, samo7oni shabab ;)

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