Saturday, October 31, 2009

Attention: Wanna Be Part of a New Blog?

OK i am looking for a few people who have wanted to be part of a blog and never got to it, i wanna start a blog, not on blogspot, wordpress for starters, i was hopingfrom 3-4 writers, and we cover all sorts of things, whichever sparks our interest, girls guys ages will depend, i wanna know your interests, what you think you will ad to the blog, and after we decide on everything, know that rights priviliges and all will be equal. NO KIDDIE I LOVE JONAS BROTHERS/MILEY CYRUS STUFF,

If this becomes sucessful, we'll talk quickly about what our plans and views of what it should be like etc.. we'll set it up, and then we shall have a blog, ours shared.

and leave a comment sumwhere here..

It isn't all worker out, so we will disscuss it asap :)

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