Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why Egypt lost in the Confederatuibs Cup..

So heres the deal, egyptian players cambe back on night claiming that they had been robbed of $2,400 may be 600 kd. They complained about it and made a fuss, accused the hotel staff and then an investegation is opened up and the hotel video cameras footage is checked. What they found was a bunch of "Female Ladies of the Night" or in otherwords escorts moving from room to room of the egyptian national team team mates. Very embarassing. Unfortunatley despite a brave showing following this inccident the Egyptian national team lost and their spokes person did not offer a statement.

Both ways you rif3ataw the arab football image before this PR mess.

This is what the article from said:

South African Media: Egypt Players Were Robbed By Prostitutes, Not Burglars
The 2009 Confederations Cup has its very own mystery...

21 Jun 2009 14:54:52

The South African media is claiming that an alleged robbery from the hotel rooms of some Egypt players on Thursday evening was nothing to do with burglars but with prostitutes.

On Friday, the Pharaohs’ team manager Inas Mazhar reported that $2,400 US had been stolen from the rooms of some players on the night the African champions defeated Italy 1-0 in the 2009 Confederations Cup.

City Press said on Sunday morning that police sources confirmed that there were no signs of forced entry and added that CCTV footage showed scantily-clad women moving around a number of hotel rooms during what seemed to be a party.

“The players must explain why their rooms were not broken into and why their room safes were not tempered with but they still lost money,“ an unnamed police source told City press.

Sunday World, another Johannesburg publication, quoted a police officer as saying, “we have confirmed that some of the players brought prostitutes whom they picked up on Oxford Road to their hotel rooms and we have strong suspicions that they were cleaned by ladies of the night.”

Security guards who guard the hotel told the same newspaper that: “when they (the players) were robbed, they pointed their dirty fingers at hotel staff – that’s nonsense.”

The Egyptian team spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

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