Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are You Serious? Pictures of The Month..

Ok so whats wrong with this pic? the fact that the Grande Limitted is a fake sign. Someone actually went through the effort to fake the Limited sign for a '03 camry. I just find that hilarious!! I have heard of people with insecurity issues like Dodge car owners adding an R/T - Hemi sign or posche Cayene owners changing their Cayene signs to Cayene S or GT or whatever that only the true Porsche Cayene (overwhelminginsanity will kill me if i spell it wrong) appreciaters or lovers such as overwhelminginsanity will realize the difference and go diva on the owner for doing it, but for camrys and what not??!! The LIMITED IS SPELT WRONG!! People please just be satisfied with the car YOU CAN AFFORD NOT BUY ON INSTALLMENTS. There was an AMAZING qoute on a car i read but didn't take a picture of it:



if you want a cayene or fancy car then get your head down study, work save up and figure out if its worth it and if you can affor to keep it!

The spelling is just Sad. I am never going back to this place because dirty/shady people hang out there, (Hookers, Pimps, drunk dudes) The manager offered me a private cabinet if i had a woman with me!!

Ya3ni? Your car is meant to be a classy car, don't you look at the ad's or the book? You don't put angel instead of cayene!!!

A Better view...
Khaled Better not see you on the street or he is going to go nuts.

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