Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was talking to a dear friend of mine and because of the statement she made "Your not Very Kuwaiti" it dawned on me how different i was. Then 2 hours later i relalized i am very Kuwaiti, liberal and a bit westernized but Kuwaiti. AND NO NOT A CHICKEN NUGGET! I go to chalet and deewaniya i had two phones once i had a mo5ayam(Tent in the dessert)i wear dishdashas oftern and i have gotten the hang of chmaq(white/red and white Headress)i love kuwaiti food, and i love my dialect. However as i promised i wouldn't continue to annoy her about it i wondered if the videoclip i found on 248am above is more of what she was expecting in a Kuwaiti Enough.

I first saw the YOUTUBE clip on Mark's blog

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