Friday, May 1, 2009

Movie Review: X Men Origins: Wolverine....FAIL

It hurts me soo much, it does but i can't understand how they failed this movie. The Special effects were sooo Amateur the directing and screen play was near Horrendous, the storyline left skipped too many scenes. HOW HOW COULD YOU LEFT DOWN THE MILLIONS OF FANS. This movie had so much potential it needed some investment thats all. Was this because of the economic Depression? Lack of funds? I COULD SEE THE LINES Attached to one of the actors in the begining scenes!! they are their for a few secs!!.

The only highlight was Liev Schriber/Sabertooth and Hugh Jackmans/Wolverines acting besides that there was way too many corny scenes and again the effects were horrible! HORRIBLE!! i know AUK students who could make the same effects in the MAC lab or on the "Alice" program. Especially his CLAWS!! WHICH WERE BETTER IN THE PREVIOUS 3 MOVIES How dare they. Sorry im a bit emotional with dissapointment of waiting for this movie since i heard about it years ago. I hope they imrove the next ones and that the people who make it are never hired again. Very dissapointing.

This is the trailer:

Unless i saw i different version i give it a 2/5
but nevertheless its a must see because its an X Men film.

UPDATE: The One I am seeing now is defintiley not the one your going to see but still the one you see willl not be much better Special Effects wise.

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