Saturday, May 9, 2009


I have joined the fad and gotten a Blackberry 8900 a.k.a Javelin, and all i can say so far is that its AMAZING. Pretty much everything from the Blackberry Messenger, to the Games on it and the ability to recieve and send emails, even the contacts are just soo much more simpler. I know people will say other phones Have that but i don't know life just got more simpler and funner.

However the down side is some of the people who have tried to add me on the messenger have been rejected or something i don't fully understand and the battery life is terrible, even after turning off the Wifi. Whats more my phone did lag a little bit in the begining and the profile settings are not user friendly. I got an O2 Javelin so maybe thats why i have been facing these difficulties but nothing life stopping.

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