Friday, May 1, 2009

Porsche Raise their Prices

My friend KB recentley brought it to my attention that Porsche have raised ther prices for example:

Cayenne base was 14,500 KD now ---> 17,300 KD

Cayenne S was around 19,000 Now--> 21,600 KD

Caynne GTS Now --> 24,200

Cayenne Turbo Now --> 33,100

Cayenne Turbo S Now--> 40,200

Unfortunatly the info KB had about the old prices was erased :S

Seems like their way of battiling the depression is by overpricing cars to us Kuwaitis.


  1. Price increase now... maybe the recession'll kill us later?

    Buy one Porsche, get one free? [Fingers crossed.]

  2. lol yeah when camels fly. :p


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