Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bak From Liban

Hey, i is back! Lebanon was amazzzzinnng!!! unfortnatuly the food wasn't. il ba7ar mu sij! aka the becah was unreal, perfect waves not too hot not too cold! i had so much fun, but no pictures :( I went to ABC in ashrafiya once and realised that it was full of us, and saudi arabians so i didn't return, imagine going to lebanon and hanging out in a mall... that would be sad since all we have here are malls, which are much nicer. THE FOOOD WAS BAAD well the places i went to, chillis was really good but other "American cuisne" restaurants like the famous roadster and what not were terrible, Scoozi was... id rather not eat. if u go there just do a diet. Anyways heres a video of what CNN thought of lebanon, and i agree, very much!

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