Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Polloution.. My Poor Country..

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Kuwait needs its beaches desperatley! how else are we supposed to get away from all the za7ma, croud, crazy driving and annoying people that are far away from the chalets, and beach resorts.. However, kuwait as we all kno is falling apart, and now ALWATANDAILY newspaper reports that a sewage plant in mishref has broken down and the sewage will be redirected to the sea! WTF?

"Environmental disaster awaits Jon AlـKuwait
Haned AlـSayed

KUWAIT: A looming disaster of a great magnitude is about to strike the Gulf (Jon AlـKuwait), which has been receiving unprocessed sewage from the Mishref pumping station. The station is being operated with just three pumps as 13 pumps are out of service due to the unprecedented pollution with the sewage level rising to such a dangerous level that it could have caused the explosion at the station.

In the face of this, the Ministry of Public Works has no option but to divert the sewage to the sea through the rain drainage networks. The ministry, later on, announced that the station had collapsed completely and that it was being fixed.
Sources close to the ministry intimated that the repair process will not be completed for another two months at least during which time the sewage from all areas will be diverted to the sea, adding that the station can only pump 340,000 liters during peak hours. The sources went on to warn that the mishap will equally affect the sewage distillation station in Sulaibiya.

The sources further attributed this problem to indecisiveness on the part of the concerned officials to fix the mishaps since months, which added pressure on the three functioning pumps."

We fought so hard to get done with polloution after the gulf war, now we are pollouting the country with our own hands..

Am i in a "third world" proverty stricken country without knowing?

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  1. This welfare, citizen spoiling system is wiping out our country, God nows what it will be like as close as next year in this country if the people stay selfish and greedy, scary thought.


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