Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thank You 4thringroad!

I was looking through some of the blogs i usually read, and 4thringroad and i saw this video they had which they were talking about an event that happens during it. The video which is an old video of rowaished singing after the end of the war and the happiness and community love and family kinda love that Kuwaitis USED to share. It just reminded me of my beautiful country and its people and how i am lucky enough to have been able to have experienced just a bit of that, even though it was towards the end of the "golden years" and way past the amazing 70's. I don't know i may be exaggerating bas i really feel bad that ith dosent exist, that unity, its more of everyone helps only his family or friends instead of haveing the ideaology that kuwaitis are all one family. Ok i have to return to being a dude and be a bit less emotional so enjoy the song and video.

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