Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kuwait Parks to get Renovated :D

I got the picture from the rekuwait blog

An article appeared in ALWATANDAILY today about a renovation plan of kuwaits parks with a 25 million kd budget, obviously i couldnt be happier because WE DESPERATLY need it, they also plan on beautifying the abdali road,

"National authorities are executing a plan to green and beautify up to 60 public parks throughout the country.
The mega scheme, covering 60 gardens of a 600,000ـsquare meter space, is projected to cost up to KD 25 million, said Ibrahim Toufic, Deputy General Director for Agricultural and Beautifying Affairs at the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources "

If you wan to understand how important it is, click here and the new architectual blog Rekuawit will explain a bit how it all works. Rekuwait might possibly be the one working on it, if they are, i wish them the best of luck because with the people they work with, they are going to need it..

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